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How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

By now, most of you know how the last movie ended. I will admit that I do not, as I still have not seen it. I do know that it did not end this way, but it should have. For any of you that are super Potter fans, I am sorry if this upsets you. However, you need to get over it, as it’s all a joke. Even though I agree with this 100%! If they would have done this, then BAM problem solved, everyone lives happily ever after. Check it out and leave any comments you have below.

What if POTTERMORE turns out to be just trying to sell you stuff?

Question by Rhonda D.: What if POTTERMORE turns out to be just trying to sell you stuff?
What if all this wait is for nothing but a bunch of flash images and mini games that suck? All the while they want us to purchase Gallions in order to level up our wands, and buy new robes? After all this time waiting for Pottermore. *shakes head. What are your theories?
@ pheonix.. I truely hope you are right, but i have a feeling Gallions are going to come into play somewhere…..

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Answer by The Snarkling
Don’t care.

I STAYED UP FOR THIS SHIT, it’s gonna be awesome.

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Roy Orbison: Black & White Night Reviews

Where can I get an authentic Hogwarts acceptance letter printed?

Question by Sen: Where can I get an authentic Hogwarts acceptance letter printed?
My sister is finally turning eleven, and I want to have a completely authentic Hogwarts acceptance letter printed to give her this September. Companies or businesses that do that, or even DIY direction with links would be helpful. Thanks!

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Answer by rtfm
If you go to google and type “hogwarts acceptance letter” you’ll get dozens of hits showing you various ways to create such a letter.

For example:


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The Hunger Games | Harry Potter | 'The Hunger Games' is a blue

If you’re wondering what the next big thing is now that Harry Potter has laid down his wand, you’re already behind the curve. The braces-and-acne set has moved on to Suzanne Collins’s post-apocalyptic trilogy “The Hunger Games.” With Lionsgate adapting the best-selling novels into a trio of movies beginning next spring, the blogosphere hangs breathless on every casting tidbit and new photo. MTV even hyped a teaser trailer for the movie during its youth-targeted Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

The new trilogy answers Pottermania in more than just popularity — it represents a radically different point of view. Master Potter and his friends, for all their British accents, turn out to be very red-state while Collins’s Katniss Everdeen could not be more blue-state.

Let me explain.

As a movie critic, I tend to break down Hollywood’s offerings into red-state movies and blue-state movies. The third category is “movies so stinky they should be avoided like a rabid badger,” but that’s a different issue.

Voting patterns reflect something deeper than political preferences. In media, it all comes down to a tolerance for irony. Red-staters tend to avoid irony, gravitating toward, in the extreme, saccharine films that out-Mayberry even the ’50s. We like our guns big, our motives un-conflicted and our bad guys un-nuanced and in need of killin’.

Blue-staters, on the other hand, exhibit all the symptoms of irony addiction, twitching when a character sincerely salutes a flag or straightforwardly sacrifices for others. They are much more comfortable with Norwegian black-and-white films in which a lost reindeer becomes a symbol of the desperate tragedy of life. They want to understand the darkness, maybe cuddle it a little.

“The Blind Side” is red state. “Black Swan” is blue state.

“Lord of the Rings”? Red state.

“American Beauty”? Blue state.

See how it works?

The categories aren’t about quality. A thoroughly red-state movie such as “Battle: Los Angeles” can be mediocre at best while a blue-state movie like “Avatar” can be mind-blowingly good.

How does this relate to Harry and Katniss?

Harry Potter, the boy wizard whom destiny slowly reveals as the nemesis of a Hitler-like would-be despot, becomes the focal point of a wizard resistance. Similarly, fate thrusts Katniss into the spotlight when she reluctantly steps forward to become a fighter in a battle to the death, televised throughout dystopian future America. Think “Survivor” meets the Roman gladiators.

(Beware: Spoilers ahead.)

Like Harry, Katniss becomes a flash point for revolution. Her reactions echo his: Anger, a desire to walk away from the problem, confusion about whom to trust, doubt about the underlying value of his battle. However, as Harry grows, he learns to believe in justice, freedom, and basic decency, to identify the trustworthy, and to take responsibility for fighting evil in his time. His battle is hard, the costs high, the path lonely, but ultimately the hardship only adds to the meaning.

Katniss, on the other hand, finds herself increasingly used by unscrupulous power-mongers. She meets few she can trust, certainly nobody with any authority. The revolution turns out to be an empty farce, another group of liars using fighters to consolidate their power. Justice doesn’t exist and freedom is just an illusion. Katniss ends her story estranged from family, friends and love interests, used up psychologically and emotionally, thoroughly disillusioned.

If Harry Potter represents World War II’s Greatest Generation, Katniss is the worst blue-state image of an Iraq War vet, a pawn in a game that has no meaning.

It’s a letdown at the end of such an absorbing and well-written series, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Irony can be a hard habit to break.

Rebecca Cusey is a movie critic and entertainment reporter.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I- Review | Twilks.com

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I- Review

This is the beginning of the end Harry Potter. The seventh film series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I, half breaks Potter JK Rowling’s latest novel into the movie their own. The result is much different than any other series, although not quite a cliffhanger structural one in the Harry Potter films as acceptable.

Fortunately 2D strike (a large part of the film is quite dark, and 3D conversion could have been seriously injured in an image), the story is the calm before the storm, where Harry Potter and his friends to gather courage, which is a blow-out final struggle. Despite the relatively low activity, there is a point where the characters, the actors behind, and the efforts of the factors behind the scenes, and director David Yates at the bottom all come together to present a coherent whole that feels vibrant and fear.

Note that I said one of the Harry Potter films as unsatisfactory, and no change. I am not a reader novels, which repealed the fourth, I was more interested in Harry Potter movie history. (Reading the first novel is always forcing me to watch the movie parameters of the story because it is on the side to see the movie first and then tackle the book, I can kind of evaluate each on its own terms, go figure ..) I can not speak of this as an adjustment, but it is much more important, at least for me it works like a piece of film.

This film is not too friendly to non-readers, as it skips directly to the story without having to edit recycling, and no longer poses a lot of character. But the really important issues to be presented immediately or can be inferred from the context. Dark Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) has returned and is growing its base of power, and he has Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) track. Harry, Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) have found a number of Horcruxes missing, destroying at the same time to win Voldemort. If you do not know or remember what is a Horcrux, just look at MacGuffin, the signs are very eager to look for. (They are small Voldemort’s soul is placed on physical objects.)

This first chapter of Deathly Hallows is a sad movie where the characters plagued by indecision and a burden for the tasks they perform. We then casting base Potter – Radcliffe, Watson and Rupert Grint – increasing signs. This film sees them as an escape from most countries, they know the power Voldemort stronger. Separated from the familiar and reassuring, and operators, there are indications that the amount, and everyone here is to show how much they have left to their own identity. Harry, Hermione and Ron spend a large chunk of the film has been thrown into doubt, but their fate is still impressive.


It’s a moody, visually stunning film Potter, as we have seen before. Are less affected by the sequences, and much photographed landscapes and delicate mesh configuration. Eduardo Serra movie is brilliant. The dark woods and rocks in desperate that Harry and his friends escaped Voldemort is ideal for visualizing uncertainty signs.

David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves to prevent the script and refused to load a movie close dialogue, and often leave the relationship-based trio plays through the appearance and movement. One of the most effective step is for me the book – not the famous book and some fans – where Harry and Hermione without Ron, come to some terms have to say about their relationships with friends. It is a beautiful series, which only works in a piece of film with these actors, as we have followed for many years.

Meanwhile, the character of a totalitarian / fascist forces of Voldemort is clearly both the public and characters, like Malfoy family. Although the scenes of Harry and his friends created the metaphor effectively prolong the day when children are ready for the beginning of adulthood, it is truly disturbing moments of parallel actions that show how the point to say his life should be Dark Lord.

(I’m curious and a bit skeptical about how the last chapter to solve some of the visual presentations reinforces Voldemort moment for images of Margaret Thatcher -. -. Dolores Umbridge, and the Third Reich end up against each other in tone in the early ’80s, Alan Moore it. The images in the developing world a free press damaged. It’s the story behind the drug and I am eager to see how these issues are resolved.)

But there are hints of life. Magic will take effect in some cases, comedy, and David Yates, even a few action sequences very well. Harry Potter movies have often felt an overwhelming sort of “guest star this week’s” sensitivity to throw through a rotating cast of teachers at Hogwarts. This font is now a strong set. Appearance of the return of players like David Thewlis and Imelda Staunton are sometimes too short, but their presence is very powerful. films are built up in the world and now we get to see that established by the previous six films kicks moves terrible.

There are also additions to distribution. Bill Nighy is a short period the Minister of Magic, where she plays the sullen threat of serious concern to society. Peter Mullan is excellent Yaxley, aggressive, powerful figure apparently Voldemort’s inner circle of the Reich, etc.. Rhys Ifans has some of the key moments as the father of Luna Love Good (Evanna Lynch). He is afraid of almost motionless, and Ifans is embedded in costume and role. His performance also led to a very animated sequence that acts as a kind of film in the film, which describes the history and nature of the holder of the Deathly Hallows.

Sour notes are the two primary sequences, and to use a kind of deus ex machina. Readers of books, maybe one or two of these factors motivates history buried in the back of the film, or it can be to explain things is revealed in the final film. I think that these two sequences to the right towards the end of the film has been resolved or justified by mechanisms that seemed completely out of nowhere, and the darkened otherwise a thrilling movie, was thrown out.

The previous films have often felt, as they struggle to adapt to the novels by JK Rowling. This leaves what is left out how to cram as much as possible, and while some scenes with naked room to breathe. A small margin was something David Yates really brings the final two chapters. Although there are many signs and magical songs to use and / or direct this movie has more breathing space before.

This can not be superficially satisfies disc when you look at this as an independent film. But looking Deathly Hallows, Part I, the independent entity is absurd. It is the seventh in the series and the first half is a great final chapter. It may be a little long, and the end trails off, so that aspires to be The Empire Strikes Back, but it has not been entirely successful. But the film still took me to a world of history and I want to know a great solution to the conflict soon begins to boil.

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This is julia Robert from California.I am GMAT and IELTS trainer.I love writing articles on different topics

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Discovering the Magical World of Harry Potter | YU Beacon

For many of those who grew up with the Harry Potter series, the wizarding world that is J. K. Rowling’s brainchild is a place of magic and wonder that infiltrates the ordinariness of our own lives. The mega-franchise has become a significant part of many diehard fans’ lives – fans who were preordering the new books as they were released, were standing in line for hours to see the midnight showing of each new movie, were wearing Gryffindor scarves as they stood in line for the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. For these fans, Discovery Times Square brings Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

As visitors enter the exhibit, a few lucky ones are sorted into their Hogwarts houses (time limitations compel the rest to remain unsorted), and the adventure begins. Wide-eyed and excited, newcomers are escorted through a Hogwarts corridor decorated with gold-framed dusty paintings of old witches and wizards.  My eyes wandering over the rows of paintings, I notice a slight movement in the corner of my vision. It couldn’t be…  Was it? I look closer, staring hard at a painting for a few seconds, and then I see it. The wizard in the painting definitely just moved.  Delighted, I think, Ah, this must be how Harry Potter felt upon entering Hogwarts after being raised in the Muggle world. I smile, moving on. A few steps later, I find myself confronted by a life-sized portrait of the Fat Lady guarding the Gryffindor common room, as she smiles coyly at us from her frame and attempts to sing.

The impression that we really are in Hogwarts is supported by the design of the exhibit, which places actual costumes and props used in the Harry Potter films into settings that attempt to recreate actual locations in Hogwarts, from the Gryffindor boys’ dormitory and Umbridge’s disgustingly pink office to Hagrid’s cozy hut and the Forbidden Forest, where creatures such as centaurs and thestrals lurk in the semi-darkness.

An extensive array of costumes from the films is on display throughout the exhibit, including the robes and street clothes of all our favorite witches and wizards. The famous Invisibility Cloak that was Harry Potter’s faithful companion and accomplice to many of his adventures is draped casually over a set of uniforms next to Harry’s bed in the Gryffindor dormitory, hiding in its folds the secrets of decades of use. The Marauders’ Map, another famous accomplice to the adventures of the Boy Who Lived, sits innocently in a glass display, a memory of the stories it lived through.

Severus Snape’s austere, buttoned-up robes stand majestically in a dungeon setting, with shelves of bottled potions ingredients lined up behind. The tribute to Hogwarts’ heroic Potions Master and later Headmaster includes a black wand, as well as the copy of the Potions textbook he used and scribbled all over as a teenager.

The gowns and dress robes worn at the Yule Ball also make an appearance in the exhibit’s Great Hall, under a sky lit up by floating candles. Artifacts from the Triwizard Tournament line the walls, including the Triwizard Cup and the name slips drawn from the Goblet of Fire which determined the tournament’s participants.

Aside from these artifacts, visitors also come face-to-face with a range of magical creatures, staring into the open mouth of a menacing Hungarian Horntail, towering over a glassy-eyed Dobby, admiring Dumbledore’s beautiful phoenix, and looking up in awe at the hippogriff Buckbeak in Hagrid’s garden.

In addition to all the authentic pieces from the set, there are cleverly placed interactive displays, allowing you to pull your very own screaming Mandrake out of a pot or throw a Quaffle through hoops after being inspired by a display of old Quidditch Cups and the uniforms of famous players.

Overall, this is not an exhibit any true Harry Potter fan can miss the opportunity of seeing. The exhibit is open until September 5th in Times Square, so if you have not yet seen it, hop on a broomstick and hurry over.


'Harry Potter' Hottie Freddie Stroma Talks Life After Hogwarts

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The End of Potter's Era
Not only did Ms. Rowling single-handedly get kids excited about reading, but she created a world so vibrant and extraordinary that children across the globe were swept away to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione
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Stanley Bosworth, Iconoclastic Head of Brooklyn School, Dies at 83
By DOUGLAS MARTIN Stanley Bosworth, a self-described “old wizard” who shaped his own Hogwarts in Brooklyn in the form of Saint Ann's School, which rapidly gained national prominence for its free-form approach to education and its success in sending
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Broadway at Canal Street, New York, ca. 1905 – 16″ x 20″ – Fine-Art Gicle Photographic Print of an Image from the Library of Congress Collection

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