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The Magicians is Harry Potter for grown-ups

The Magicians is Harry Potter for grown-ups
In fact, it would be fairer to say that The Magicians is a book for the generation who grew up loving Harry Potter, but are experiencing the crushing disappointment of outgrowing their fantasies. The Magician King is Harry Potter for grown-ups … who
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Time travel saga The History Keepers could be the next Harry Potter-style
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. With completion of the film series, publishers and film-makers are on the watch for a new hero. Photograph: Allstar/WARNER BROS Since the commercial triumph of Harry Potter, publishers have received sacks of
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Romance And Magic Dazzle In Dreamy 'Night Circus'
The last of the Harry Potter books was released in 2007, and the credits have now rolled on all of the Harry Potter films. Cue publishing-world hysteria; a mad dash to find a new fantasy franchise to hook the masses as the Twilight and Hunger Games
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Beauty and the Beast

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Harry Potter actors promote projects at 2011 Toronto Film Festival this week
Several Harry Potter actors headed to Canada this week to promote some of their upcoming projects at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, including Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort), David Thewlis (Remus Lupin), Rhys Ifans (Xenophilius Lovegood),
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JK Rowling To Give Evidence In News Corp Hacking Inquiry
JK Rowling has written books where her protagonist battled off the evil menace of Voldemort, but she, herself, may be battling an evil empire, in a way. Rowling has been named among the “core participants” in the British government's inquiry into the
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Is Pottermore The Future Of Publishing? (Mediapost 7.6.11)

I, like much of the world, suspected that we hadn’t heard the end of Harry Potter, but I, like much of the world, didn’t exactly see what was coming next .  JK Rowling continues to be a genius by surprising her readers, and the world in general, with her recent announcement of Pottermore.

Pottermore is basically a virtual world of publishing where readers will be able to read new and previously unreleased material set in the world of Harry Potter.  It will consist of back-stories for characters, locations and other assorted tidbits of knowledge that will keep her readers bathed in the Hogwarts glow for many years to come.  In creating this masterpiece she does three things.  First of all, she satisfies the almost insane, obsessive curiosity of her fans pining to read more of her world of wizards and magic, which she so eloquently created.  Second, she is setting the stage for what could easily become the foundation for publishing for the next 50 years.  Third, she guarantees monthly revenue for herself until her grandkids’ grandkids start having kids of their own (not that she really needs it)!

The focus for me is the impact on publishing.  Many authors have turned to the web to create content.  Some have looked to the area of virtual worlds, while some have looked to video and other avenues, but all of them felt stale and/or forced.   What Rowling is doing is using digital purely as a tool for distribution of background and extended work, basically replacing the existing publishing system, while maintaining control of all her own material.   Its brilliant when you think about it; she can always package the work up into a book later, and she can leak it out slowly over time, monetizing it however she so chooses.  If I were George Lucas, I’d be keeping a close eye on what Potter fans will be seeing as this is a model that Star Wars could, and should, likely emulate!

Of course, if JK Rowling decides to partner with Radiohead, then all of the entertainment world will be standing on its toes!  Both Radiohead and JK Rowling are trying new ways to distribute their work directly to fans and maintain control over their product.  Both are laying the groundwork so that others can emulate, and both are having strong success in doing so!

Not every author will be able to pursue this model, but many of the most successful franchises certainly can.  The Twilight series is an obvious opportunity to emulate this model, and even the “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” series if you tap into the character back-stories and tangentially related offshoots of the books. 

What I also find interesting is that as of now, Pottermore is primarily a free site, and it will encourage fan participation.  How will this turn into revenue?  My guess is a simple 3-tiered model of advertising, merchandising and publishing.  She can package up new material for collectors whenever she wants, even on –demand.  She can integrate advertising or marketing into the world, with many brands being willing to pay a pretty penny to be integrated into that world and the eyes of her loyal readers.  She can also merchandise her world to her heart’s content.  Those pages of Potter-related products in the Air Mall magazine are just the beginning!

Ms. Rowling may not be releasing everything she intends to do as of yet, but she’s a smart cookie.  She has a plan, and much like the rest of her stories, she won’t tip her hand too early.  I look forward to Pottermore and the untold stories that will be laid out on front of me!

What are Harry Potter fanatics doing without him?

What are Harry Potter fanatics doing without him?
By EMILY DeROO Over the summer, the final Harry Potter movie was released. This event was bittersweet for fans of the magical journey that author JK Rowling started in 1997. The media touted this as the end of the Harry Potter era.
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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint in Postman Pat movie
Harry Potter star Rupert Grint will star in Postman Pat: The Movie as a voice of one of the characters. He'll be joined by ex-Doctor Who man David Tennant in the new film that's been announced on the character's 30th birthday.
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The Plot Of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

The success of any movie is completely dependent on the storyline or scheme of that movie. It is not necessary that only reality based movies are successful, but most of the times idealistic or imaginary movies seem to be grasping the audience’s attention much more than pragmatic movies.

However, it would only happen if the story and plot would be perfectly written, and managed. It is the case with the upcoming new movie of the world’s most famous imaginary series of Harry Potter saga called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which has now become the most awaited and highly anticipated movie.

It would be in the theatres and cinemas all around the world in this month of July. J.K Rowling has brought dramatic climaxes and twists in this sixth part of the series. The story has been written perfectly and flawlessly. The story begins with the meeting of Minister of Magic with the Minister of Muggles (humans) telling and warning him about the powerful position and malicious position of Lord Voldemort.


The story takes a suspense-filled climax when Severus Snape, whom Dumbledore trusts blindly, meets Narcissa and Bellatrix (mother and aunt of Draco Malfoy) and assures them that he will help Draco in whatever task he is up to, on the orders of Voldemort. Dumbledore takes Harry from his Muggle aunt and uncle’s house to have a meeting with old Professor Slughorn, who after meeting Harry agrees to teach in Hogwarts.

At the very start of Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts, he gets the first utter shock, when Dumbledore announce that professor Severus Snape is going to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts. This offends Harry a lot, as he has always hated Snape. Professor Slughorn becomes the teacher of potions and gives Harry an old copy of Potion making.

Harry uses the perfect spells and methods written on it and becomes the most brilliant student of the class. The book has been the property of Half Blood Prince but Harry does not have the slightest guess about the Half Blood Prince. Sixth year has also brought pleasant changes in Harry’s life such as his romance with Ginny Weasley and the captaincy of Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Harry also has a doubt on Malfoy that he is doing something secretly, but could not guess the task. Harry has his secret meetings with Dumbledore in which he shows Harry the memories of different people relating to Voldemort. Then Harry receives another big shock when he gets to know that Voldemort has split his soul into seven parts called Horcruxes and he has to destroy them in order to finish Voldemort. On the mission of destroying a Horcrux in a cave, Dumbledore is badly injured and on returning Hogwarts, they get to know that Death Eaters have entered the school.

Malfoy’s duty was to give them an entrance in Hogwarts. Then the most unexpected thing of the whole series occur and Snape in front of Harry and Death Eaters kills Dumbledore and sneaks away telling Harry that he is the Half Blood Prince. Harry is now left alone on the dangerous mission of finding Horcruxes and destroying Voldemort. So, watch this action packed suspense filled, mysterious and full of thrill movie of the Harry Potter saga.

The release date for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is 15th July 2009.


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Who Is Tom Riddle In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince?

Article by Allan Michael Taylor

The latest impression in the market, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, had created much expectation in the readers before its release. With much of new adventures and discoveries, it has almost wiped out the market off all other fictions. With the answers to many prequel mysteries, the Half Blood Prince, by far is the most interesting and entertaining of all the past books.

One of the key queries aroused in this book is about the incidence of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Much of the importance has been laid on this character throughout the description. His past has been broadly depicted amidst all the adventures and suspense related to our protagonist, Harry Potter.

Tom Marvolo Riddle is the son of Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle Sr. The father deserts the family long before his birth. The mother also dies after few months of her delivery and Tom grows up in an Orphanage instead. Truly brilliant but an inquisitive little kid, soon enough finds himself as an enrolled student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the school, his capability and unseen capacity clearly expose themselves to unravel a truly gifted child and a wizard. His magical skills and grasp on those expertises was far developed than any other wizard or witch of his age.

The only unpredictable twist in the story is the negation between his two exposures, initially as being Tom Marvolo Riddle, and being Lord Voldemort as well. As his Muggle father neglected him before he was even born, he had developed strong hatred and dislike for him that was slowly taking control of him. Finally his madness grew to such an extent that he murdered his father and grandparents and fancied up a new name for himself, Voldemort.

Being positive of his capabilities and that he could accomplish on their basis, he prospered his evil purposes to get rid of all filthy Mudbloods, sons, or daughters who possess magical abilities, but are not directly related to Witches or Wizards and are descendants of Muggles.

He collected a large army of followers who were common on his decision of blood purity and spreading his influence, to enthral the whole Wizard World and rule it just the way they want to. This is the basic reason why he likes to be called as “Lord Voldemort”. His close associates as well as all other fear his name so they have made up other designations to refer to him as Dark Lord or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

In the sixth part of the series, Voldemort declares a war onto Hogwarts and plans to get rid of Dumbledore, the main obstacle in his success, through young Draco Malfoy. The latter helps find a secret opening that leads into Hogwarts without any enchantments or obstructions. Just at the edge of completing the plot, Draco becomes frightened to commit a cold-blooded murder of his headmaster and lowers down his wand. At that moment, Severus Snape, the double agent, appears and completes the task in lieu of Draco. After the plan has been completed, all the Death Eaters along with Snape and Draco escape the premises of Hogwarts castle.

The character of Tom Marvolo Riddle or Voldemort has been specially highlighted in this sequel, as it had been planned in such a way by the author that it discloses all of his past occurrences and the reasons for him having this cruel personality. This has added to the anticipation for the readers as to what is going to happen next in the series.

The release date for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is 15th July 2009.

The Girl Who Played With Fire (English subtitled)

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watch Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 2010 Free Download

The second movie trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 has premiered. This movie trailer more than any other Harry Potter movie trailer – including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Movie Trailer – make me actually want to seat down and watch these films. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is directed by David Yates and stars Emma Watson, John Hurt, Daniel Radcliffe, Brendan Gleeson, and Helena Bonham Carter. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1‘s plot synopsis: “Voldemort’s power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore’s work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little hope remains for them, so everything they do must go as planned.” If this film lives up to these two movie trailers, the last two Harry Potters will be phenomenal. We will have to wait and see.

The last book of the Harry Potter saga finds our trio of protagonists in unfamiliar territory. Having left Hogwarts and cut all ties to their loved ones to pursue the destruction of Lord Voldemort, Harry, Ron and Hermione have taken refuge in the wilds of Northern England. As they search for vital information, the Death Eaters hunt them mercilessly. The three heroes are isolated, threatened, and forced to defend themselves with powerful magic. This is not the Potter of years past, and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is not like any Harry Potter video game you have played before. Designed to capture the desperation and deadly importance of Harry’s mission, the game arms you with an array of deadly spells and sets you against a host of ill-intentioned enemies. Is firing spells with gleeful impunity as fun as you’ve always imagined it to be? We picked up our controller to find out.


The first thing you need to know about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is that it is a third-person shooter, complete with an over-the-shoulder camera, cover system, and targeting reticle. When running around, you see Harry’s tousled hair and hoodie-clothed back, which were animated quite nicely in our demo build. If you slide into nearby cover with the touch of a button, you’ll see the iconic glasses and, if you look closely, the infamous lightning-bolt-shaped scar. Ron and Hermione were nowhere to be seen in our demo, and the developers were cagey when asked about playing as characters other than Harry or the possibility of cooperative or competitive modes. Fortunately, Harry looked sharp and maneuvered well, and it wasn’t long before hostile wizards forced us to focus on the action at hand.

: http://harry-potter-movie-part-1.notlong.com



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