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Catwoman Vs. Tumbler Chase in The Dark Knight Rises!
You can check out this action-packed advanced look at The Dark Knight Rises in the video below. Can this one has capability of taking REVANGE from HARRY POTTER? i betcha Bane is in that Hemtt vehicle and jumps out of it to attack Batman or something?
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Spy Kids 3: Game Over

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Harry Potter Fan? Imaginative Author JK Rowling’s Childhood Home for Sale!

Harry Potter Fan? Imaginative Author JK Rowling’s Childhood Home for Sale!
With the recent release of the final movie of the Harry Potter series , The Deathly Hallows Part 2 , Harry Potter fanatics may be interested in learning that the childhood home of the incredible author of this fascinating series is currently on the market.
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Google Books to distribute Harry Potter e-books
Last month, author JK Rowling announced the launch of Pottermore.com, a website devoted to the expansive world of Harry Potter. But the most significant revelations from Rowling wasn’t the website — it  was that her  Harry Potter series would, for the first time, be release in e-book format. And today, we’ve found out how exactly that will happen
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How can I make a really good Hermione costume?

Question by xollinzolox: How can I make a really good Hermione costume?
I want to be a modern (but not slutty) Hermione for Halloween this year. I have a shirt/tie, but need tips for hair/pants/skirt/shoes/make-up/etc. Where could I find good clothes, without buying an actual costume?

Best answer:

Answer by Nicole
My daughter found her skirt, white shirt, and Mary Jane shoes at one of our local Goodwill stores. If you want to do “bushy hair” you could use a hair crimper. If you want a softer look use hot rollers. I would wear very little makeup. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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Latest Watch Harry Potter Online News

Five myths I hope you don't hear at ONA 2011
They don't read 800-page Harry Potter books cover to cover or sit through three-hour Lord of the Rings movies. But all of those were huge hits. Breaking up content into multiple pages and components simply reminds people at each interruption that they
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Are these the greatest pickup artists of all time?
While dressed up as Harry Potter during one of their "stunt" pickups, Kong tells a girl, "If you make fun of me one more time, I'm going to take my wand and stick it right up your Diagon Alley." There's no universal applicability with regards to what
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What song was used when harry and hermione danced in the deathly hallows part 1?

Question by Another Random Face: What song was used when harry and hermione danced in the deathly hallows part 1?
The scene after ron left and harry and hermione danced in their tent…what’s that song called and who is it by?

Best answer:

Answer by Amy
O’Children by Nick Cave

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Latest Harry Potter Images News

From Wizard to Knockout King, Chateau draws fans
Inside, Grint and friends were escorted to their private booth where the star posed for photos with VIP cocktail waitresses dressed in sexy "Harry Potter" costumes. The birthday boy was all smiles when a "Harry Potter"-themed red velvet birthday cake
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Harry Potter and the Avon High Spirit Week
By Melissa Hebert Avon High's Spirit Week brings out the fun and creativity in both students and staff. Wednesday, the theme was Harry Potter. Check out our photo gallery for the fun. Do you have pictures from Spirit Week? Add them here!
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Emma Watson: I wear too much makeup
From chopping off her hair into a short pixie in 2010 to rocking dramatic "Black Swan"-inspired eye makeup at this year's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" premiere, Emma Watson is no stranger to experimenting with her look.
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