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Win tickets to see the final Harry Potter movie

Win tickets to see the final Harry Potter movie
The all-action finale to the Harry Potter series of films – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – is set to delight fans when it is screened in Thurso. HARRY Potter fans will have the opportunity to see the final instalment of the movie
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Attention Potter fans. The time has come for the boy who lived to bow out gracefully – but before that can happen for good, we have details of the blu-ray release of his eighth film outing. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which finally
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Emma Watson and Rupert Grint's Harry Potter Kiss—How It Really Went Down!
finally had their kiss in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, you can be sure they weren't about to disappoint fans with a measly peck. So how do you go about preparing for one of the most anticipated onscreen kisses in movie history?
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Batman: Year One (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) Reviews

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The Smiles Of The Lord

The Smiles Of The Lord

We are the smiles of the Lord what ever we do and where ever we are.

Each bit of our activity is a smile of the Lord.

The Divine smile is protecting us all the time.

Each of our thoughts is a smile of the Lord.


In the kingdom of the Lord there are no sorrows and griefs,only smiles.

We should realise the Divine powers within and develop occult powers.

Being the children of the Divine we are all blissful,peaceful,pure and perfect.

All our thoughts and activities should be sacrificed to the Lord.


We are the messengers of the Lord.

He always gives all His smiles to each bit of our thoughts,words and deeds.

He knows no failure and always bless us to be successful.

He pours on us all His powers smilingly so that we can overcome all obstacles.


Knowing this we should work sincerely,perfectly,lovingly and with all smiles.

There should be no dejection and fatigue in our lives.

We are carrying on the will of the Lord.

We are like instruments in Lord’s hands.


Lord always wants to tune us perfectly.

We should attune ourselves to those tunings and work with sincereity and dedication.

Ever remembering the Lord we can make our lives beautiful.

We can bring more smiles in to our lives and impart the same to others.


Lord’s creations make us to remain always contented and happy.

We are the possesor of those creations.

We have the full liberty to enjoy the treasures of the Lord.

He is always with us and taking us forward to reach our goals.


All these frustrations,agony and despairs are illusory.

Our angers,irritations and mental anguish are all smiles of the Lord.

In each bit of our activity the smiles of the Lord should be fructified.

Being the Diviner beings we should bring glory to our family,society and organization.


The entire universe is incessantly active obeying the system of the Lord.

Where ever we look we find the silent Divine smiles.

This is a calm and smiling universe.

Fulfilling ourselves with all smiles till the last we should work intelligently and perfectly.


We are free birds in the Divine sky.

We should understand this concept and free ourselves from all bondage.

Understanding the powers within and having command upon outside forces we should move.

The Divine smile will fill us with all positivities and take us to greater heights.










Comedy Tonight

Diary of a Doctor's Wife: Pottermore

4 years in the midwest with a med-ped resident’s family!

E-Books in Your Life

(PRWEB) May 26, 2005

E-Books are making a big impact in the way we write books, read books, store books, share books, and most importantly how we gain knowledge from books and apply it in real life. There is nothing holding back an expert with years of experience on a particular field to write about all the ins and outs, trade secrets, strengths and weaknesses of the industry.

Consider Colm Dillon, the author of “Residential Development Made Easy”. He has 30 years and $ 1.2 Billion worth of professional real estate development experience. Dillon wrote his book purely from experience and practical usage. His eBook is now selling in 63 countries and directly available on the Internet.

More and more shoppers are now buying books online. If you purchase a physical book that you have been dying to get your hands on, you still have to wait for shipping and delivery before you can start reading. With E-Books you get instant delivery 24×7. No more waiting and watching the clock. While the inspiration and interest is hot, you get to download your favorite business book and start reading away.

Imagine, discovering an E-Book called “Business Plans” at 11.30 pm, decided to buy and download the book at 12.05 am, finished reading it by 2.00 am. The 10 o’clock meeting next morning, and you are already a guru on Business Plans and opportunities to lead you company to new frontiers.

And that E-Book is very easy to share with your spouse or friend, just email it. The E-book will never wear out for millions of years to come. Hundreds of thousands of E-Books can be carried in the palm of your hand no matter where you go in a flash-drive or portable disk.

E-Books are the new media for traditional physical books, but are E-Books here to stay? Consider Joe Vitale, author of numerous successful E-Books and more recently famous for “Attractor Factor” which has already outsold Harry Potter as #1 bestseller twice in two weeks. E-books are carving the path for many talented authors around the world. E-books are not only here to stay but also becoming very popular.

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Austin 78751, TX




A la découverte d’une frégate royale : Tome 2, Le journal d’Antoine de Kerleven, jeune volontaire à bord de l’Hermione, mars 1780-février 1782 (French edition)

Live the Magic with the Harry Potter book series

Just recently it has been one of the most significant weeks in cinema history with the release of the first part of the last Harry Potter movie. All previous box office records are expected to be smashed from the opening weekend of The Deathly Hallows Part I, with this predicted to be beaten again with the release of part II in 2011. However with the recent hype of the new movies it is easy to forget where all the magic was originally conjured up.

It was 1997 when the first Harry Potter book was published by Bloomsbury, from the day it reached our shelves it was an instant hit, winning countless awards and making J.K Rowling a household name. The novels follow the teenage years of a young wizard called Harry Potter and his life growing up at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The stories tell of him trying to overcome his enemies and to attempting to defeat the evil Lord Voldemort who killed his parents when Harry was a baby. The books follow Harry and friends through their progression of school up until they graduate, the themes include coming of age, fantasy, love and death.

Over the years with the gradual release of the seven books the Harry Potter series has provided significant financial success for Rowling and the Harry Potter franchise, this success has made Rowling the first and so far only billionaire author. The books have sold over 400 million copies worldwide and been translated into 67 different languages. Harry Potter has brought a lot of imagination to children and adults alike with many growing up with the main characters Harry, Ron and Hermione. This is why it is not surprising why many people love the books and will spend so much investing into the merchandise of the Harry Potter franchise. The storyline has not only captured the imagination of the children worldwide but has produced a lot of positive press surrounding the books with many people suggesting that it has encouraged a lot more young children to take up reading.

If you want to be a part of the magic and own your own Harry Potter books there are plenty of online book stores that sell the books at great prices, whether you want to buy the whole series or just one, Harry potter will take you on a journey through the world of witchcraft and wizardry that will set your imagination alight.

If you want the best deals on all books, from biographies and film books, to children’s books, browse and order online today.

Kind and Compassionate Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki, the sister of Kansa and Vasudevar. Before Lord Krishna took birth, Narada foreboded that eighth child of Devaki will kill Kansa. Kansa, upon hearing this prediction, jails them and murders all seven children soon after they took birth. But, Vasudevar takes the support of Gods and carries Krishna to Vrindavan, to his friend’s home. Krishna befriends all the cowherds of Vrindavan and spends his childhood like other children, looked after by Yashoda.

Childhood Pranks

It is thought that the evil spirits sent by Kansa could not succeed in their attempts in killing Lord Krishna. Krishna, when he was a child defeated the serpent which tried to kill the people and animals of Vrindavan by poisoning the river Yamuna.

Krishna jumped from the top of Kadamba tree on to Kaaliya’s head and performed dance and defeated him.

He is also known to be playful with milkmaids of Vrindavan and takes butter from their houses. He would let the cows go free when it is time to milk them and would also conceals clothes of Gopis who are bathing. He intended to make his devotees conscious of the greater meanings underlying in these naughty practices. He was hinting his worshippers to get detached from from worldly pleasures and concentrate only on god, that is him.

The Relationship Between Krishna and Radha

Radha was his friend in Vrindavan and she also belonged to the cowherds.

The friendship between them is selfless and represents pure love. Their love does not give importance to physical union but emphasizes the importance to mental union. Radha is so dedicated to Lord Krishna that she considers him as her own. Her jealousy even to the flute is apparent when she expresses that the flute is fortunate to feel Krishna’s prana on it.

Krishna and Kuchela

At Gurukula, Kuchela was the best friend of Krishna and also his associate. Krishna’s love for Sudhama like a companion was more important than social divide and he accepted Sudhama completely.

Once when Sudhama was very poor, he heads towards Dwaraka to take the help of Krishna carrying a small pack of beaten rice, which Krishna likes. Arriving at Dwaraka, Kuchela becomes awe struck seeing the big army and palace of Krishna. Krishna meets him and invites him back to his home, when Sudhama begins his journey back. Krishna takes good care of his companion with love and affection.

Sudhama, shy to ask for help, goes back to his home without uttering a word about his poverty. But the god fulfilled his wishes because he understood Sudhama’s needs. Kuchela knew the goodness of his friend after reaching home. He saw that his family was eating good food and was wearing new clothes.


To find out more information about Hindu Gods like Krishna and Hanuman, visit Prabhubhakti.

Takeheed, you squibs who schemed to overthrow, How dare you challenge me, whom you all know, Expelliarmus all, and brace for woe! Prepare for death’s eternal afterglow, Oblivion for all, except one foe, That one, to watch as friends perish for show, Twelve boys, twelve girls in murd’rous do-si-do, Each name revealed by my sorting chapeau, Removed and reaped to Dark Lord crucio! Go forth, and meet your end by thestral’s tow, A tribute to the mighty Pres’dent Snow, My horcruxes dance on with life nouveau, Enchanting lands to watch you suffer slow. So much for Lily’s love in my Burrow. Lord Voldemort cordially invites you to attend… The Potter Games 7.11.2011 Website: www.thepottergames.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Music by: District Tribute – samcushion.bandcamp.com

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