Daniel Radcliffe In New Horror Movie Called The Woman In Black

Here’s another ‘what’s next’ for Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe. Stay tuned. Hi everyone! Straight from our headquarters, I’m Dana Ward for ClevverTV. It just got revealed that Daniel Radcliffe will star in the horror film, The Woman in Black. Yikes, it already sounds creepy… and that’s before you find out that the freakish scenes all will be in 3D. Radcliffe is set to play a young attorney who must to set-up shop solo in an old and isolated home, as described in the 1983 novel by Susan Hill. He realizes that the town is tormented and forced to stay put by a ghostly woman with an eye for revenge. Do you think that this will be a role easily portrayed by Daniel because of his work with wizards and such in the Harry Potter franchise? And how do you think fans will react to an obviously more mature role for DR as a lawyer? Let us know by tweeting us @ClevverTV. Dana Ward here, thanks for watching the show, bye!

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