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Transformers 2: Hollywood Movie Box Office Records

Transformers 2 movie is making and breaking records at the box office. The Revenge of the Fallen Hollywood movie is surprisingly well received by the audience even though there are too many critics giving negative reviews.

The Movie Review is Not So Good

The Transformers 2 movie was released on June 24 2009 in worldwide theaters. It is a sequel for the film Transformers. Many critics gave the film a lot of negative reviews. On rotten tomatoes transformers 2 scored only 19%. This is way worse than any other Hollywood movie. There are only few movies to rank so worse. But yet its box office collection is pretty awesome.

The transformers 2 movie despite its negative reviews and despite being noted to be not so good as the first movie, has broken old records in the money collections. It also has set new records of all time.

But Transformers 2 is Making and Breaking Box Office Records

This Hollywood movie released on Wednesday created a new Wednesday midnight record of making million. It has also made the highest Wednesday opening record of all time with million on its opening day. This is only just behind the all time hit The Dark Night which holds its record of biggest ever opening day.

The film grossed 0 million in just five days and made a record of being second only to The Dark Night which made about 4 million in same first five days. The Transformers movie made about 0 million worldwide by July 2. It then went to score 0 millions so far as on July 13 2009.

What Could be the Reason Behind its Box Office Success?

Many audiences and critics are unable to understand how this could score so well and beat the best of the movies like the Indiana Jones 4 and Night at the Museum 2, which have a very good story line. Some say it is because the hottest actors like Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox. But there were other good ones in the past that went flop outright.

My guess is that the movie was released just at the right time in the financial stability time. The financial markets across the world have given a rally for the last five months and shown considerable stability after a long streak of losing everyday. The multinational companies, which have massive cut-off employment during the months of January to March, were surprised by the sudden economic rebound and new profits in their balance sheets. There is almost no fresh news of massive layoffs these days.

Because there is less to worry about economically these days, there is quite a chance that people suddenly increase their expenditure. This must have made the movie hit. But also it is a unique one compared to all other movies. That also adds to the reason.

Transformers 2 Finally Made it Big!

Nevertheless the transformers 2 movie has made new records of grossing highest in the first weekend in 2009 as well the first movie to make this much in this year. It had also beaten the record of the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix movie’s weekend record!

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Written by Raju
Online content writer.

‘Hogwarts Castle’ Lego Package: Best Harry Potter Lego Set Yet

Article by Rudy English

It appears it’s not possible to be a top film persona these days and not have your own Lego doppelganger. Harry Potter is among the top-selling book series ever and is the most profitable motion picture franchise in history, and therefore it was merely a question of time until Lego got involved. This, as expected, happened, and they’ve since introduced a large selection of Harry Potter Lego products.The most current, and as an aside greatest, Harry Potter Lego collection is referred to as ‘Hogwarts Castle’. It develops during the desperate events of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, when He Who Must Not Be Named attacks the wizarding school, and Harry, Ron, Hermione plus the remainder of the pupils have to preserve Hogwarts while fighting He Who Must Not Be Named and his lackeys. The Hogwarts Castle Lego set is available with Harry himself (it wouldn’t be much of a set without him, would it?), Ron, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Professor Dumbledore, Professor Trelawney as well as 2 dementors. Lego have gone the whole hog in making this their very best collection yet: first of all this package offers a massive 1290 pieces and is made up of 11 figures most notably for the very first time Lord Voldemort. Moreover, the attention to detail detailing of his features is just outstanding. Lego have clearly labored to ensure every aspect in this outstanding new collection is precisely like the Hogwarts Castle in the books and motion pictures. Consequently even the most devoted Harry Potter aficionados aren’t going to be disappointed.On top of that if you would like, you’re able to add in a whole lot more people to the milieu such as Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall, Flitwick, Mrs. Norris, Argus Filch and many more Dementors for even more breathtaking events necessitating the tricky ‘Patronus Charm’ to correctly fend them away.It’s impressive exactly how alike the Lego Hogwarts Castle is weighed against the Hogwarts Castle we have come to know both in the novels and the movies. The Lego version has even got the clock tower and its swinging pendulum, the Gryffindor Tower, as well as undetectable rooms that even Harry has not ventured in. It’s so extremely in-depth that both dutiful admirers plus non-fans should love it. You’ll even get access to Professor Dumbledore’s private office including its sliding stairway.With the eighth and last installment of the Harry Potter movie series in theaters now and destroying box office records around the globe, the series seems more popular than ever before. Given the immense status of the Potter franchise – a franchise displaying no signs of losing popularity – the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set will end up being particularly successful – it’s been diligently fashioned, and despite there being 1290 pieces in all, 8-14 year old kids will have no trouble in assembling it. Then again you will need to free up enough space for making the castle, and with heaps of small pieces you’ll also have to watch out for younger children and pets or you might end up losing some of the bits!So there it is – the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle collection. The largest and best package ever.

I enjoy pc games and going on the internet on the hunt for the latest tech, plus also enjoy snooker – but don’t usually have enough spare time, sadly… at least these days.Buy a Harry Potter DVD or BookBuy Harry Potter Lego

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Broadway Guarantee – Standard Giclee on Canvas – 24″H X 16″W – Original Golf Art and Prints Reviews

Broadway Guarantee - Standard Giclee on Canvas - 24"H X 16"W - Original Golf Art and Prints

  • Makes a Great Gift!
We're going to win the game, I guarantee it! With those words, Broadway Joe Namath set into motion one of the great upsets in the history of professional sports.

List Price: $ 154.88 Price: $ 146.13

Son of a Muggle-Born Witch « The Monster's Ink

Alyssa Rosenberg has put together a very astute list of political lessons from Harry Potter, though there’s one thing that’s striking in its absence from her list. Perhaps she’s left it out because it’s more of a cultural issue than a political one, but either way, it’s such a pervasive part of the storyline that I will point it out.


If we view magical heritage as the Potterverse’s proxy for racial differences, then the message is not subtle: segregation will get you absolutely nowhere.

We see the vastly oversimplified categories of pureblood, half-blood, and Muggle-born, and time and time again, we see that heritage bears not the slightest correlation with magical ability. On the pureblood side, we have the Blacks (Sirius, Bellatrix, Narcissa) who are all very competent, but then there’s Neville Longbottom. His struggles are arguably due to psychological issues rather than magical ability, but still: all those generations of pure blood don’t make him any better off than his classmates.

Voldemort’s maternal family, the Gaunts, are so proud of their magical heritage that they’d rather become dangerously inbred than mate with any dirty Muggles, and boy does it ever show. Sure, they’re pureblood; they’re also deformed and crazy from all those oh-so-magical genes getting repeatedly reinforced. Tom Riddle is lucky enough to be as healthy and good-looking as his “filthy Muggle father,” but unlucky enough to have been conceived in a coerced union because his pureblood mother was desperate/crazy enough to use a Love Potion.

The Weasleys are recognized as a very old and very thoroughly pureblood family, but they’re badass because they don’t give a fuck about their blood status. Arthur is notorious for making a career out of protecting Muggles from the depredations of wizards. Ron’s older brothers are successful not because their family tree goes back through umpteen generations of nothing but magic, but because they’re clever, determined and dedicated to whatever it is they’re doing. The following generation of Weasleys, furthermore, is no longer pureblood. The first witch to marry into the family is not even fully human.

On the half-blood side, we have…well, we have Harry, for example. He gets his money, his looks and his athletic ability from his pureblood father, but he’s apparently inherited a sense of compassion and justice from his Muggle-born mother, who was a badass witch in her own right. JKR has disclosed that Lupin is a half-blood. We have Tonks, only child of a rebel Black mother (sister to Voldemort’s right-hand woman, no less) and a quietly brave Muggle-born father. We have Dumbledore, for heaven’s sake, the most powerful wizard of the century, also the son of a Muggle-born mother. We have Snape, a problematic character but either way a competent wizard with a Muggle father. Voldemort, most importantly, is steadfastly obsessed with blood status but when faced with a choice between two wizard boys born at the end of July, he chooses not the pureblood, but the half-blood like himself.

On Team Muggle-born, we have the aforementioned Lily Evans, member of the original Order of the Phoenix and Harry’s mom. We have Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her generation, who never met a spell she couldn’t master.

The Death Eaters are not just characterized by racism; it defines them. The supremacy of purebloods and exclusion of Muggle-borns from Wizarding society is their end goal. The fact that their leader is the son of a Muggle father is never mentioned in their ranks. The only wizard he ever feared was the half-blood Dumbledore. They pride themselves on their purity of blood, but that doesn’t save them from getting their asses handed to them. At the center of the resistance we find a handful of teenagers including, but not limited to: the half-blood kid raised in the most neurotically Muggle household ever, the Muggle-born bookworm, the blood traitor, the kid who barely made it out of Potions lessons in one piece.

It’s no accident that the final book opens with the inner circle of Death Eaters killing a teacher who advocates for more mixing of magical and Muggle blood, not less. They wouldn’t bother to capture and kill her if they weren’t afraid she was right.

Hogwarts Crest Standup Photo Album

Hogwarts Crest Standup Photo Album

  • 12 different frame topics from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
  • Heavy card stock on spiral binding.
  • Album has a built in stand-up frame device.
  • Kept neat and tidy with a velcro closure.
  • Change your frame as often as you like!
Picture yourself at Hogwarts! Stand up flip album is an ingenious invention. Using one favorite photo, you can flip the various mats that are provided on the spiral binding to change your "frame" as often as you like. Choose Hogwarts crest, Baby Norbert, Ravenclaw crest, Potions Cauldron and Spell Books, Fluffy, Gryffindor crest, The Sorting Hat, Owl Post Service logo, Hufflepuff crest, The Fat Lady portrait, or Invisibility Cloak. Change your frame as often as you like, just flip the mat cards. Once you made your choice, reattach the velcro closure and create a stand-alone sturdy frame.

List Price: $ 9.95 Price: $ 17.00

Interview: Anthony Gierzynski

Interview: Anthony Gierzynski
In September, Gierzynski presented a paper at the American Political Science Association titled, “Harry Potter and the Millenials: The Boy-Who-Lived and the Politics of a Muggle Generation,” which he plans to turn into his fourth book next year.
Read more on UVM News

Ford, Thanksgiving Parade to partner with Gleaners
Spike TV says it will pay tribute to the "Harry Potter" films at its Scream Awards 2011. The sixth annual event, celebrating sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic books, airs at 9 pm Oct. 18. Robert Downey Jr. will receive Spike's Hero Award.
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Q&A: What song is hermione playing on the piano?

Question by Dakota: What song is hermione playing on the piano?
in the new harry potter movie, when hermione and ron are palying the piano. What is song?

Best answer:

Answer by alex w
its mozart

Give your answer to this question below!

Harry Potter ebooks launch delayed

Harry Potter ebooks launch delayed
The much-anticipated launch of the Harry Potter ebooks was initially scheduled for October 2011, when the interactive Pottermore website was set to open up to general use. But the one million beta users of the site have been "incredibly active,
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Wizard! Unseen sketch of Harry Potter meeting winged Hippogriff to go under hammer
By Nadia Gilani An unseen sketch of Harry Potter meeting the mythical Hippogriff has been discovered 10 years after being drawn is set to sell for more than £10000. The one-of-a-kind drawing by former Potter illustrator Cliff Wright, who designed the
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Avatar: Making a Scene

Avatar: Making a Scene

Price: $ 0.00

The Children Who Lived: Using Harry Potter and Other Fictional Characters to Help Grieving Children and Adolescents

The Children Who Lived: Using Harry Potter and Other Fictional Characters to Help Grieving Children and Adolescents

Harry Potter’s encounters with grief, as well as the grief experiences of other fictional characters, can be used by educators, counselors, and parents to help children and adolescents deal with their own loss issues. The Children Who Lived is a unique approach toward grief and loss in children. Focusing on fictional child and adolescent characters experiencing grief, this book uses classic tales and the Harry Potter books to help grieving children and adolescents. Included in the text and the companion CD are a number of activities, discussion questions, and games that could be used with grieving children and adolescents, based on the fictional characters in these books.

List Price: $ 39.95 Price: $ 31.32

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