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Lady of the Palace to Become a Sell Out Costume for All Fancy Dress

Wickford, UK (PRWeb UK) February 19, 2011

All Fancy Dress, one of the UK?s leading fancy dress retailers, has announced that Lady of the Palace will become a popular choice with fancy dress lovers this year, as World Book Day will be taking place early next month.

One of the most popular kinds of costumes that are bought for Book Day are the historic and period costumes. The popularity of these outfits may be due, in part, to the way the subject is now taught at schools, with a greater emphasis on interaction through dressing up and play.

Famous historical stories have been a source of inspiration for many Book Day costumes, like the Lady of the Palace, which is inspired by the Tudor era. They are many popular stories involving the Tudor period including King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and Mary of Tudors. The Victorian era is also popular amongst children, inspired by great literary figures such as Dickens.

Matt Foden of All Fancy Dress commented: ?Book Day has become a huge phenomenon in recent years, with children dressing up in a wide array of costumes from their favourite books. The two most popular kind of costumes are the historical ones, such as the Tudor and Victorian style costumes, as well as characters from traditional and modern books. Fairy tale characters, such as Red Riding Hood are popular, and so too are the more modern book characters such as Harry Potter?.?

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How to find info on your wand in Pottermore?

Question by Jaimie M: How to find info on your wand in Pottermore?
I was wondering how you find out the information about your wand in Pottermore?

Best answer:

Answer by Chelsea
Go back to Chapter 5, Moment 4 (Ollivanders). On the left panel are info on wood, core, etc.

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Hanna Reviews

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Article by Robin Dee

Magic and mystery haunt the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle!

Dementors have surrounded the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! In the near future Harry Potter together with his friends are going to fight against Lord Voldemort while Professors McGonagall together with Flitwick try and continue to keep the school free from danger! There’s always a great deal to discover with the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle! It is really a lot of fun checking out beautiful details such as Dumbledore’s office with a sliding spiral staircase or perhaps the Slytherin and Gryffindor common rooms, and more!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is absolutely the greatest of the Harry Potter Lego sets offered today. This castle is loaded with lots of amazing details that will lighten up just about every single Harry Potter fan’s heart! You’ll definitely be astounded by the details within this building set. The particular Lego minifigures found in every set can’t be obtained alone, which makes them extremely sought after. Place all the 1,290 Lego pieces together and have exciting adventures: Discover Tom Riddle’s diary tucked away deep inside of a knight’s armor. Look for the restricted library of Hogwarts Castle in this particular Lego set. Stroll through the Astronomy Tower and have a look at the vanishing cabinet. Go into the clock tower along with its swinging pendulum, and also please do not forget to check out Professor Trelawney’s classroom. See the actual Gryffindor Tower with Harry Potter. Come across lots of the top secret rooms and make sure that you look out for the deadly Dementors.

The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle happens to be an astonishingly awesome set for most fans as well as collectors. The high quality along with the details are undoubtedly impressive and will come up to your expectations. The Hogwarts castle happens to be big enough to play and therefore move the minifigures within the several places.

This particular Harry Potter Set will definitely be highly popular within this holiday season, especially with the premier of the actual last movie installment beginning this year. Shops happen to be well known regarding selling out of more popular Lego building sets quickly, consequently: Purchase your Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set straight away, before it is out of stock!The particular Lego Hary Potter Hogwarts Castle is made up of:

– Harry Potter- Hermione Granger- Lord Voldemort- Professor Dumbledore- Professor Snape- Professor McGonagall- Professor Flitwick- Argus Filch and his cat- Mrs. Norris- 2 Dementors- the Sorting Hat- Gryffindors Sword- a Basilisk fang- secret sliding stairs- Gryffindor common room features fireplace with Sirius Blacks face- Tom Riddles book tucked away in the knights armor restricted section of the library- Astronomy Tower- Vanishing Cabinet- Great Hall decorated with Slytherin and Gryffindor colors

Be prepared for enchanting adventures within Hogwarts Castle!The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is a must have for each and every Harry Potter enthusiast! This is considered to be among the most wanted and treasured Lego sets available this christmas time!

Robin Dee http://christmastoys24.com

I realy just like games and i also like to read and write about toys. That’s why, I’ve create a website showing of the most useful toys of 2010. So check out my personal website (christmastoys24.com) for the top toys of this holidays

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Video: New behind-the-scenes feature on 'Dumbledore and Harry: A look back'

Video: New behind-the-scenes feature on 'Dumbledore and Harry: A look back'
The WB Shop also announced that the Harry Potter Blu-rays and DVDs are now on sale for over 50% off. DVD's are just $ 4.25 and Blu-rays are just $ 9. Shipping is just $ 2.50 flat rate, or free on orders over $ 60. For more information and where to order,
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Dad of tragic Harry Potter star welcomes mandatory sentences
The father of murdered Harry Potter star Rob Knox has welcomed the introduction of tougher sentences for people who carry knives. To send a link to this page to a friend, simply enter their email address below. The message will include the name and
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'Captain America,' 'Jurassic Park' Trilogy Highlight Week's DVD Releases

'Captain America,' 'Jurassic Park' Trilogy Highlight Week's DVD Releases
from distributor Paramount this summer, "Captain America" posted a strong but fairly modest $ 365 million worldwide in theaters, with its numbers somewhat curtailed by the overlapping box office success of the final chapter of "Harry Potter.
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Harry Potter comes to life at Texas A&M
When Tori Smith turned 11, she checked the mail each day for the acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the school of wizardry in the Harry Potter series. It never came. These days, the Texas A&M student trods a field straddling a broom, trying to toss a
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Jean aims to earn some bread
By VERITY WARD SHE's appeared in a Harry Potter movie and spent years performing on the stage … But now a veteran South Tyneside actress has performed her final swansong and is selling her old costumes to help her feathered friends.
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Lord Jaganath on the Comrades Marathon

Growing up in a small village called Sea Cow Lake was a beautiful life filled with excited that one can only read about in books like Huckelberry Finn and Treasure Island. Although this area was primarily occupied by Indian people under  South Africas Apartheid rules these people were simple farming community.  I together with my parents and grandparents lived at number 58 Hippo Road on the same plot. My regular activiies included working in the fields digging up the earth, planting herb seeds, watering the crop and harvesting the crop. Co-incidently one could drop a line in the nearby umgeni river, tend to ones crops and return hours later to find a fat catch of some river fish good enough to be fashioned into fish cakes by my hard working mother.

In those early days the ISKCON members would frequent our street and have their Harinam Kirtans.

Little did I know that some years later I would make contact with these devotees of Lord Krsna. Contary to popular belief many Indians knew about Lord Jaganath as they had the Jaganath Musical Band. They als used to music nights called Nagara whence they would sing all night using different ragas.  The uniqueness of the ISKCON tradition at that time was that white bodied people (europeans) were preaching to Indian people about their culture whilst the Apartheild regime (europeans) was trying to crush the Indian culture by preaching Christianity to the Indians.


The remoteness of Sea Cow Lake allowed a delayed impact of the Christian preaching program thus ISKCON took a stronger foot hold in Sea Cow lake as compared to other Indian areas and which eventually spread into Phoenix especially after the people of Sea Cow Lake was relocated with promises of running water, electricity and cheap brick houses in Phoenix. One can still find perhaps one or two wood and tin styled houses in Sea Cow lake.


As was customary we all walked long distances for anything like bread, milk and just visting some family thus I think  I developed the endurance to walk long distances and eventually could run long distances including the gruelling 87 km Comrades Marathon. Some where on the top on one of the Inchanga hills I noticed a Rock Painting which resembled that of a picture I had seen of Lord Jaganath and ISKCON’s Ratha Yatra Chariot Procession. This inspired me to establish a running Club -called Jaganath Athletic Club.

Completed 13 Comrades Marathons, Published 1 poem, Anthology of verse, currently writing a biopgraphy of my late Father.

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