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Finding the right balance between work and leisure
But most of all, as I look at my planner this semester, I am primarily concerned about one thing: when will I finally get to watch the final Harry Potter movie? This is unequivocally the biggest regret I have from this past summer: never watching the
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Meet an Author: sarahb
I think reading Harry Potter got me more into branching out on reading. Before reading Harry Potter, I don't remember reading a lot of non-school required books. HP was such an amazing series I decided maybe I could find some more like it.

Pottermore: Sorting hat leaves fans lost
Pottermore—for those of you still waiting on an owl—is a new website created by JK Rowling to help expand the universe of Harry Potter. This past summer, excited fans had the chance to earn a preliminary spot in the soon to be public community and
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