Which Characters Will Be Killed Off In The New Harry Potter Film

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has proved to be the most anticipated release of this year. Its concept and layout, according to the book, has made the whole scene even more sensational and thrilling for the viewers.

The plot of the new film has been quite unexpected along with being fascinating on the other side of the picture. The killing of a major character in this sequel is the most interesting part of all. Albus Dumbledore’s role has been seized in the latter half of the story much to the bewilderment of the readers. This has proved to be quite an unimaginable situation in the book and as expected, it will be portrayed with much compassion of the director in the film.

Albus Dumbledore has been an important character throughout the prequels of Harry Potter series. From the first release to the latest one, he has been performing as a guide and a major helper for our protagonist, Harry Potter. His death in the penultimate has proved out to be the major source of thrill and adventure in the tale.


As Dumbledore and Harry embark on a journey to retrieve a possible Horcrux from a seaside cave, Hogwarts is left secured with stronger enchantments and Aurors patrolling the corridors. Before the Horcrux could be acquired from the stone basin, a potion had to be drunk.

The potion greatly weakens Dumbledore, weakening his reflexes and senses and making their return journey quite enduring and compelling. However, as soon as they reach Hogsmeade, a village near Hogwarts, they are greatly bewildered to spot the dark Mark above the Astronomy Tower.

With the pounding fear of possible deaths, both fly towards the Tower, removing the enchantments on the way, which Dumbledore had himself placed. On reaching the Tower, he immobilises Harry hidden under his Invisibility Cloak whilst he himself is ambushed and disarmed by Draco Malfoy. According to the orders of Lord Voldemort, Malfoy has been assigned with the objective of killing Dumbledore who by far seems to be much weak for compelling the evident danger.

He tries until his last breath to persuade Draco Malfoy to come by his side, assuring the protection of his family as a result. Nonetheless, the pounding roars of Death Eaters subdue him from what would have been a likely safe agreement. Becoming double minded, he lowers his wand unintentionally and unknowingly, but to the surprise of witnesses, Severus Snape makes appearance and completes the task on the behalf of Draco. Besides Dumbledore’s pleadings, Severus calmly performs the Killing Curse and escapes with the Death Eaters from Hogwarts.

The penultimate of the adventurous fiction series contains some new fabulous ideas from the author’s mind that have actually enhanced the stature of the whole concept to give it a new lineation for the readers. Apart from the revelation of the pasts and activities of its characters, she has side by side, increased the level of suspense and terror regarding others, just like the death of Dumbledore and unravelling of the double agent Severus Snape.

The release date for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is 15th July 2009.

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