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Latest Harry And The Potters News

RIP Harry Potter's parents
Are Harry Potter fans some of the weirdest in the world? It would seem so: this week Potter aficionados took to Twitter to express condolences over what would have been the 30th anniversary of the death of Harry Potter's (fictional) parents.
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Quidditch Comes To New York On November 12th
In addition to over 300 games of Quidditch, the World Cup is packed with live performances from bands like Harry and the Potters and Muggle Mike in addition to circus sideshows, live owl demonstrations and a slew of food from turkey legs to Bertie
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The Character Of Half Blood Prince In The New Harry Potter Film

Article by Allan Michael Taylor

Severus Snape had always displayed a rather abstracted role in all of the prequels of the fiction series. Nonetheless, his character took up a unique shape in the sequel to become the main appeal and artist of Rowling’s magnum opus.

Half Blood Prince had been quite an unbelievable experience with the prospect of each role in the book and the shortly coming film. In order to raise the level of expectation, more fantasy and mysteries have been created in the penultimate like the snooping appearance of the “Half Blood Prince”.

During the start of new year at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron find out that their grades are good enough to be enrolled in Slughorn’s Potion class. Nevertheless, as they thought that Snape would be taking the Potions class, and their grades will not allow them to sit in his class, they did not buy the course books. Nonetheless, Slughorn lends them few old spare copies for their use. One of the books that Harry receives is inscribed as being the book of the Half Blood Prince.

There are various notes and inscriptions on the book along with the official instructions. Later Harry finds out that this marginalia yields better results as compared to the author’s methods and helps improve his overall standard in Slughorn’s class. There is also a variety of spells for enemies and of protective nature imprinted on the booklet. The Half Blood Prince seemed to be quite a talented and brilliant student who was now helping Harry unintentionally and unconsciously in his academics as well as in improving his magical skills and abilities.

Nonetheless, the hidden fact that the very character behind the nickname is pretty much present right then in the Hogwarts castle amplified the whole account. Severus Snape, as revealed in the latter half of the novel, is the curious character of the penultimate of the Harry Potter series.

His role had been shaped out well in this sequel in order to make him an essential contributor and role of the Legend. In the earlier part, he vows with Narcissa Malfoy to aid and protect his son in the completion of a perilous task that Voldemort appointed to him. If he would be unable to complete it, he would interfere and complete it on his behalf.

The indestructible swear is rather like an permanent task that he had to fulfil anyway if he does not want to die, that he will in case he breaks the agreement. Draco repairs the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirements to import Death Eaters, without having them cross, or bound by the enchantments round the castle. These Death Eaters proclaim a war on Hogwarts and reach Dumbledore, in order to eliminate him. Nonetheless, in the end, Draco finds that he is incapable to carry out the cold-blooded murder of his Headmaster.

At this illustration, Snape makes appearance to fulfil his swear and finish Dumbledore. This sudden turn in the story raised the thumps of the readers in order to make them even more energised and adrenalised. The role of the Half Blood Prince had been the most vital factor in making the book, the best selling fiction in the whole market that left the readers with much eagerness for the eventual sequel of J.K Rowling’s lined up Harry Potter series.

The release date for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is 15th July 2009.

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