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When will the second Pottermore clue be posted?

Question by ⓛⓞⓥⓔ<3: When will the second Pottermore clue be posted?
I live in the US (central time) and was wondering when the 2nd Pottermore clue will be posted? I stayed up late last night refreshing the page until about 2am, but the clue still didn’t show up. Then I opened it again when I woke up at 11am and now registration is closed, so I missed it. Does anyone know when the 2nd clue will be posted? I don’t want the same thing to happen again! I want to get into Pottermore early more than anything :/ Thanks for the help!

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Answer by The Snarkling
You’ll never know.
Everyone thought it would be posted at 8am, then 12 after that when they didn’t post it at 8. but they actually posted it a 9 so, yeah.

Just stay up like a champ.

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Warner Bros. Pulls A Disney, Waves Wand To Make All 'Harry Potter' DVDs

Warner Bros. Pulls A Disney, Waves Wand To Make All 'Harry Potter' DVDs
Clearly seeing what has been going on at the mouse house, Warner Bros. has announced that as of December 29th, all of the “Harry Potter” films and boxsets will no longer be available from your local retailer. What does this mean?
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Emma Watson Designs An Ethical Winter Wardrobe (Pictures)
Elfin Emma Watson has cast her style-spell over a fashion collection that Hermione would be proud of, as the Harry Potter actress designs an ethical collection of clothes for London-based fashion company, People Tree. Fair-trade fashionistas no longer
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Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the Pottermore confirmation email?

Question by ricochet: Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the Pottermore confirmation email?
I know the Pottermore website mentioned that it would take several weeks for the Welcome email, but it didn’t really give details for the confirmation email.

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New Imperio Android App Provides ?Everyone? the Ability to Enjoy Access to PC?s Remotely from Phone or Tablet

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) July 06, 2011

The ability to access and control a computer remotely has long been the domain of IT professionals and the super tech savvy, requiring complex setup and a near expert level of computer competence as well as budget willing to shell out high monthly fees. A new app launching this week for Android phones and tablets called ?Imperio? aims to change that. With its straightforward easy install system and a wallet friendly price of $ 9.99 ($ 4.99 for the first lucky 1000 users), Imperio makes remote PC access an essential everyday tool for anyone?s mobile device.

?Imperio has been built from the ground up with our users in-mind. We realize that most remote access tools (RDP / VNC programs) are too corporate focused and complex? said Dan Metcalfe, CEO of Mobisoft Corp, creators of Imperio. ?We wanted to design an app that was powerful, but simple enough that anyone could use it, I?m confident that users will find we have done just that.?

Beyond simple setup, Imperio?s feature set and speed bring it up to par with some major competitors including LogMeIn Ignition and Wyse. Some of these features include:

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