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'Twilight' Fan Demand Puts Vampire Saga in League of 'Potter'

'Twilight' Fan Demand Puts Vampire Saga in League of 'Potter'
The two preceding ''Twilight'' films, ''Eclipse'' and ''New Moon,'' averaged just under $ 300 million at the domestic box office, comparable to the $ 298.6 million average for Time Warner Inc.'s eight ''Harry Potter'' movies. ''Twilight'' hasn't matched
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FREE Watch Breaking Dawn Live Online Twilight Saga
The Twilight Saga has taken the world by storm, the books as well as the movies have shattered box office records all over the world and have been on best selling lists for an exceptional amount of weeks. Whether book or movie, all Twilight releases
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Harry Potter Director David Yates on Life After Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione's
Harry Potter fans have such an intense relationship with these movies. Did you as the director ever feel like you had a strong relationship with the fans? The fans are just amazing. They are incredible because they are so supportive and they are the
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Is anyone else tired of seeing these pottermore questions?

Question by Hubert Rebettered: Is anyone else tired of seeing these pottermore questions?
In the past 2 hours I’ve seen 100 questions about that stupid pottermore website.

Wtf is it anyways?
When will these harry potter nerds gtfo?

Best answer:

Answer by Temptation
I’m not. Don’t YOU have more important things to do than be annoyed with Harry Potter nerrds?

Thumbs down if you want but it’s true. Why waste your energy bothering about something you don’t like? It’s not taking anything away from you. Lol. If so many people love Harry Potter, there must be something good/appealing about it, even if you don’t understand it. I’m just saying. =)

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Master of Exotic Bet Propositions – Charles Jay – Breaks out His Emmy Odds — Have Some Fun, and Make a Few Fantasy Wagers

Elkhart, IN (PRWEB) August 18, 2006

Look out – the world’s most creative oddsmaker is at it again.

Charles Jay has compiled over three dozen special propositions for the upcoming Emmy Awards ceremonies, to be held on August 19 (Creative Arts Emmys) and August 27 (Primetime TV Emmys), with many more to come before the festivities get underway.

Jay makes the odds for his own fantasy sportsbook operation that can be found through BetCharlesJay.com (http://www.betcharlesjay.com), and has been known from time to time to place his wacky odds with some of the world’s top internet sportsbooks.

Jay loves to play on words, which adds another twist to his linemaking. For Diamond Sportsbook International, he put out memorable numbers for the Academy Awards in 2005, including his “Thom, Dick and Harry” prop that required Oscar nominees Randy Thom, Kirby Dick and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” to win statuettes for the player to collect a payoff of 150/1.

This time around, his gems include the “Grassi-Noll” proposition, a parlay in which costume designer Augusto Grassi (Rome) and camera person Susan Noll (Saturday Night Live) must both win, at odds of 13/5. Then there’s the “Oh-Noe” prop, which couples Sandra Oh, a supporting actress nominee for her work on Grey’s anatomy, with Douglas Noe, nominated for his prosthetic makeup work on MadTV (priced at 11/2). The “Mona-Lisa” prop – at odds of 9/1 – calls for picture editor Mona Lu (Late Show with David Letterman) and lead actress Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback) to both win.

One of Jay’s favorites is the “It’s Not Who You Think” prop, where nominees who are namesakes of more famous people – Scott Peterson, Billy Martin, Glenn Campbell, Robert Palmer, Mark Walberg and David Lynch, are part of a 250/1 payoff if they all win.

“There is a lot more good stuff available,” says Jay. “This makes following the Emmys a little more fun. And we’re going to add even more stuff before the ceremony honoring the performers (August 27). People can also find the so-called straight bets on a number of different categories at the website as well. They can join up and be part of a community, arguing back and forth between each other over who should win, ‘wagering’ against our virtual bookmaker, or making person-to-person wagers with each other.”

BetCharlesJay.com (http://www.betcharlesjay.com) operates a fantasy sportsbook in conjunction with BoxingScene, one of the world’s leading boxing sites, which operates one of the internet’s busiest forums, boasting over 40,000 members. “The Charles Jay Line” is posted regularly on all sports, including baseball, football, basketball, auto racing, golf, boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, along with politics, entertainment and pop culture. More information, including the complete list of Charles Jay’s propositions for the Emmy Awards, can be accessed through BetCharlesJay.com, part of the Total Action network of websites.


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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Blu-ray)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Blu-ray)
The only other film series that immediately comes to mind that can be compared to the Harry Potter films is THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Both were based on a series of highly regarded and beloved novels that were planned from the start as a limited
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Breaking Dawn's Big Opening Brings Twilight and Harry Potter Together!
Twilight is now only the second movie series to place at least three installments in Hollywood's Top 10 for biggest-ever single-day debuts. And you don't even get two guesses as to what the first movie series is. Of course, it has to be Harry Potter.
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Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Review (XBox 360)
And this week, developer Traveller's Tales have released the twelfth addition to the series, and the eighth in the “movie series”, in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, which arrives to just about every conceivable platform. With Lego titles, you know what
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