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Latest Harry Potter Part 1 News

Kam On Film: 'Twilight 4,' 'Story Of Lovers Rock' and What's New In Theaters
Taking a page out of the Harry Potter playbook, the soon-to-expire Twilight Saga is extending itself by splitting the last of Stephenie Meyer's supernatural romance novels into two screen adaptations. However, the first, Breaking Dawn – Part 1,
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Calendar: Nov. 25-Dec. 1
Potter Palooza continues with “Deathly Hallows, Part 1” 10 am and 4 pm; “Deathly Hallows, Part 2” 1 pm and 7:15 pm, Avalon Theatre, 645 Main St., dress up as your favorite Muggle or wizard for a chance to win a prize, $ 2.50 per show or $ 20 Golden
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Memo to the Academy: It's time to honor 'Harry Potter' at the Oscars
However, the final installment — "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" — rates an impressive 87 (three points higher than "The Descendants" and "Hugo") with MetaCritic. "What an exhilarating gift to watch Harry and company go out in a blaze
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Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Article by Emily Vanzant

Even though the Harry Potter movie series is almost done you don’t have to stop having fun as Harry, Hermione, Ron or one of the bad guys. There are costumes for kids and adults, so there’s guaranteed to be something for you.

The starting point to be any Gryffindor wizard is the Harry Potter Premium Gryffindor Robe Child Costume. The cloak is made of black velvet and lined with maroon satin. It even includes the Gryffindor crest on the front. A similar costume is available for adults too. Now, the trick is to personalize the signature robe and become one of your favorite characters. For Harry, add the Harry Potter Deluxe Glasses and a lightening-bolt shaped scar. The Harry Potter Scar & Makeup Kit will help you get the most realistic-looking scar possible. For Hermione, simply make your hair as poofy as it can get. And Ron? If you aren’t a natural redhead, a red wig or some red hairspray should do the trick.

You can also be a Gryffindor Quidditch Player. The Harry Potter Quidditch Robe Super Deluxe Child Costume comes with crimson robes that have yellow stripes and the Gryffindor logo. Don’t forget your broom-the Firebolt is a favorite-and Quidditch Goggles. You don’t want your eyes to get dry while flying around trying to find the snitch. Of course, the Golden Snitch itself is a great accessory too-especially if you want to win the game.

If you’d rather be the one cursing Harry while he is trying to win the match, a Death Eater, Dementor, or Voldemort costume might be a good choice for you. The Harry Potter Dementor Costume for kids is super creepy. It comes with a long robe, black mask, and ribcage chest piece. Luckily, there are separate Dementor costumes for grown men and women. The women’s costume comes with a long black dress, thick black belt, and eerie mask. Who knew evil could look so sexy?

Last but not least, you definitely need a wand. The Harry Potter Light Up Wand is a bit clunky and perfect for little kids. The Harry Potter Wand is a bit thinner and looks less like a toy-it is the perfect accessory for older kids and adults. Ron and Hermione’s wands are also available. Ron’s looks a bit beaten up while Hermione’s is elegant with ivy-shaped accents. Malfoy’s wand is also available and looks pretty generic, so it can be used for anyone else. Now, enjoy the Halloween Feast!

Ready to get your own Harry Potter Halloween Costumes? We have the best selection of Harry Potter Halloween Costumes at the best prices on the internet! Go to Magical Harry Potter Halloween Costumes and claim your Harry Potter Halloween Costumes today!

Harry Potter – It’s not over just yet

Article by Rachel Roberts

Although it’s the finish of the Harry Potter movie and publication sequence, the experience for Harry Potter followers around the world isn’t done yet. There are lots of occasions we should look forward to within the next month or two; Pottermore web site release, launch of the Deathly Hallows part 2 DVD not to mention Harry Potter world universal orlando celebration deals.

When very first launched on the 15th of June, we got a little peek of the Pottermore web site although very small. Pottermore drew large newspaper and tv interest and conjecture from nearly every Harry Potter enthusiast in the world, one of the greatest whispers is that Pottermore will probably be an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game. The internet trademark, owned and operated by Warner Bros, provides a hint as to what we can anticipate: “Providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network; providing on-line chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the field of general interest”.

A number of fortunate few were able to get a place as beta test candidates for the brand new website via a number of test questions. Evaluators could actually check a few of the functions, such has Harry potter spells, potion making, flying and duelling that will later on become open to most people at some point in October.

All of us also anticipate the DVD launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. After having a massive achievement with the premiere in London previously this season with film followers queuing in Trafalgar square for more than five nights, the DVD launch will certainly be another large success. The DVD is stated to be sold about the 16th of November so that they can mark ten years ever since the launch of the very first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. The movie is going to be obtainable on HD (Hi-def) DVD, Blu-ray and perhaps, 3D.

Lastly, to recognise the special event of ten years of recording prodigy, the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando is going to be holding 3 days of enchanting exhilaration. This special event is going to be held within the 11th and 13th of November and definately will consist of; Questions and answer periods with cast members, Question and answer periods with Filmmakers and the creative group of universal orlando and legendary screenings of the eight Harry Potter movies which includes the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

You will find two primary bundles; the premiere package deal and also the celebration package deal. All offers include 4 night stays (7 nights for UK consumers) in universal companion resorts, three day tickets to orlando amusement parks, earlier entrance for the Harry Potter park, total Blu-ray set of the potter movies, CityWalk party pass along with a commemorative pin. The premiere bundle includes entrance to the evening gala occasion, one cast signing period and breakfast every day inside the three broomsticks.

Regrettably premiere deals have sold-out for US citizens despite the fact that celebration deals continue to be obtainable. There continue to be premiere deals readily available for UK shoppers and with passes ranging among £1,299 and £1,799 each, they’re relatively fairly priced (these prices include flights).

So, seize your magical wands and cast every one of the Harry Potter spells you already know because the subsequent month or two will likely be full of lots of magic.

Rachel Roberts is a film fanatic, and, what film fanatic would be complete without Harry Potter! She has been writing about the books and films for over a year and even set up her own website dedicated totally to Harry Potter Spells – http://www.harrypotterspells.co.uk

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