Why do some people ruin the Pottermore experience?

Question by : Why do some people ruin the Pottermore experience?
I keep seeing questions on here about changing houses or swapping accounts on Pottermore to get the house you want (usually Gryffindor or Ravenclaw). It’s so annoying because I have to wait until October to get into Pottermore, and I would feel great with whatever house I get because that would be the right house for me. I just wonder how it’s fair that some people that ruin the sorting experience get in before me.

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Answer by ᶠᵋᵋᶩᶦᶯᵍ directionless YᴱS
I got in early, but I’ve yet to get my email and everyone on Tumblr is being an asshole and saying that it’s nothing great. I know exactly what you’re saying.
People just like to complain.

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  1. ... says:

    Some people just see it as a competition or a game, rather than something to truly experience and enjoy. If you really enjoy it though, waiting will make it all the sweeter when it finally happens that you get to join. I think the people who want to change houses are completely missing the point of the sorting hat! Can you imagine how furious it would be? That would not be a pretty scene.

  2. Eminembaby Ninetythree says:

    I got Ravenclaw! and im quite happy with that..I wouldnt swap its stupid

  3. Sgrunner3 says:

    I know what you mean.

    I actually did register during early access… but I have yet to receive my welcome e-mail.

    I’ve heard the site is absolutely amazing!!!

    I think with the sorting some people just have strong opinions about what house they though they should belong in and had a sudo-identity crisis when J.K. Rowling thought otherwise, and of course, people react in different ways, some of which may not always be the best.

    October is not that far away anymore, before you know it we will all be enjoying pottermore!

  4. PhoenixAccio51 says:

    They are being greedy you should just be happy with what you get! Like me I wanted to get into Gryffindor but I got Hufflepuff and I like them both.

  5. Averie says:

    People who say that ”Those who got in early should stop complaining and be grateful they got the chance to enter before October” are stupid. At least, in my opinion. I’d be grateful if i got my emails just like that, but i didn’t. Hardly anyone did. There was the waiting of JKR to announce it, and then to wait to get more info on Pottermore subject. Then, to wait for the challenge to start, and then – almost a week of no sleep, because you never know when the clue will be out. And then you have just about an hour to answer, find the quill and register. And then to wait for your Welcome email. Might sound easy, but If you are a hardcore HP fan (Like myself) this was very stressful. And then, you get sorted into a house you didn’t expect. Its true, JK created the quiz, and the houses, she should know. But, she doesn’t know an individual like the individual himself. So, the fact she created the quiz really doesn’t have any impact whatsoever. And that, is why trade of accounts happens. And I think it’s fear. (Speaking me, who was a Ravenclaw the whole life, and got Hufflepuff on Pottermore, and didn’t change the account.)

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