Webjam Launches One-Click Website Creation, an Innovative Feature Aimed at Local Communities, Fan Clubs and Non-Profits

London, UK (PRWEB) June 21, 2007

Webjam, a London-based internet start-up recently named a ‘Global Innovator’ by Guidewire Group, announced today the full release of its one-click website creation feature. Upon entering a single keyword on http://www.webjam.com, users immediately get a fully-fledged webpage about a product, a person, a topic or an event they are passionate about, and can start sharing it with a community. Making website creation easy, Webjam lets users focus on managing their existing communities or nurturing a new one, be it around arts, politics, sports, cars or a local neighbourhood.

“By facilitating content aggregation around hobbies, passions or places, we allow internet users to focus on what matters the most to them: building communities around their ideas and experiences” explains Yann Motte, Webjam co-founder & CEO. “The unique versatility of the Webjam platform – that automatically aggregates blogs, news, photos, videos, bookmarks or book reviews- bridges the gap between sharing your thinking and providing the context for it”.

Whether a user wants to share thoughts about the upcoming Harry Potter movie, lobby for sustainable development, manage a local football club association or create an iPhone fanclub, Webjam provides a free and easy solution to publish content and manage memberships. The new community owner can customize the page through a simple drag-and-drop interface, and decides who can see what by setting privacy levels on the whole page or on any given content.

Making website creation easy is part of Webjam’s mission to offer ‘the web the way you want’ to internet users sometimes overwhelmed by the task of creating and maintaining a website. Fans, bloggers, non-profits and local associations now have a simple tool to gather information around their preferred topic and manage the community around it. The new feature is available from Webjam’s homepage or from adopt.webjam.com/[topic].

About Webjam

Founded in 2006 by a British, a Spanish and a French entrepreneur in London, UK, Webjam aims at empowering individuals and communities to create, aggregate and share content online. Webjam differentiates itself by bundling powerful community features with an easy drag-and-drop interface, a rich catalogue of modules and styles and a unique feature to replicate content and styles from the community. With investment support from I-Source Gestion, Webjam is set to bring a disruptive approach to media publishing through its three pillar principles of replication, reputation and relevance. Webjam was recently named a ‘Global Innovator’ by Guidewire Group, the leading global early stage technology research firm and producers of Innovate!Europe. For more information about ‘the Web the Way you Want

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