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Portuguese author visits Durfee to discuss 'Teodora,' a 'Harry Potter'-like series
He said the books, which are around 100 pages each, would likely interest students because they are similar in style to the popular Harry Potter series. If he's able to bring the series to Durfee, Rodrigues said it would be a good fit for the advanced
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Lesson-Free Literature
With an extensive amount of fantastical bestsellers-turned-blockbusters pervading our world, it is important to consider what (if anything) these fantasy books are really teaching us. Stephen King famously said: "Harry Potter is all about confronting
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Phylum Nerdus: which are you?
3) Nerdus Mediatus—The media nerds (their common name) are a growing league of obsessive fans of such things as Dr. Who, Star Trek, A Very Potter Musical, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and other movies, book series, and assorted phenomena.
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