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Did I get early access to Pottermore?

Question by : Did I get early access to Pottermore?
I got the quill on the 5th day and registered and everything. Everyone else I know got congratulation emails from Pottermore but I haven’t gotten any. Does this mean that I didn’t get early access?

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Answer by Luna Lovegood Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Unfortunately, if you haven’t received your Pottermore Congratulations email by now, then it means you haven’t been selected to have early access and test Pottermore Beta. They stopped sending out the congratulations email out a couple weeks ago. I think you probably had an error or issue with your registration, as everybody who successfully registered for pottermore and confirmed their account should have received their congratulations email. So no, i don’t think you will get early access seeing as you havent got it. I’m so sorry!

But, don’t fret! You can always register for pottermore in October when it opens to the public. You will be able to access the Official completed version.

Sorry about your situation,
Hope I helped.


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