Q&A: How do you sign up to Pottermore?

Question by Rebecca: How do you sign up to Pottermore?
I was sure it said that anyone could sign up to Pottermore after the 31st of October, but it’s the 2nd of November and I STILL can’t sign up! HELP!! :(

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Answer by Narcissa
Unfortunately, Pottermore has delayed registration. They had hoped to open up to everyone at the end of October, but recently announced that they would need to extend the beta period for the time being. They are still making improvments to the site and fixing some technical problems.

As of now, there is no set date for the official opening. They did say on the official blog that they have no plans to open up registration to new users in the immediate future. So, it may be a while before the site is ready for everyone.

For more details and official updates, check out http://insider.pottermore.com.

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