What is the most legit Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz?

Question by Hannah: What is the most legit Harry Potter Sorting Hat quiz?
I would very much like to know what house I would be sorted into. I’m torn between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I haven’t got my Pottermore email yet so I can’t get sorted on that. I want to know what quiz is the best one to take that fits you exactly.
Oh well. You wouldn’t happen to know when they’re going to send out more emails, would you?

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Answer by Katherine
If you want to know exact, you’ll have to wait for pottermore, but if you google “accurate sorting hat quiz” you should get something that can help.

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  1. Rosie-doll Too says:

    I haven’t gotten my emial yet either! But they did say that they are going to be putting out welcome emails daily now unless they have any problems so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

  2. MPR says:

    This one is pretty legit… It’s very long though.


    Pottermore is sending out emails daily now. You should be receiving one any day now. =D

  3. Jordy26 says:

    Just wait to go on Pottermore and use the best test.
    The fan-made ones are rubbish. They just give you four choices and it’s obvious which one means which house, and the Slytherin choice is a selfish one, so it’s not very fair sometimes, and usually wrong.
    I took loads of fan-made ones, and just because I said for one question that I would risk my life for my friend’s, because I would, it just put me in Gryffindor just for that, even though I belong in that one the least.
    Trust me, just wait until October to find out your house, it’ll be worth it.

  4. Downloading New Emotion♥ says:

    The only one I’ve found that gave me near-accurate results was this one. http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Reviews/HarryPotter/Docs/Quiz-House.html

    However, I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it because I’ve taken it several times and, depending on my mood, I’ll often get differant results.

    Would you mind helping me with my question?


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