What time does pottermore.com registration begin?

Question by Miss: What time does pottermore.com registration begin?
I want to register for pottermore.com, but what time in the day does registration start? how do i register and how many people can register a day?

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Answer by Milena Kontic
1st day registration start at 9am, second at 10am, third (today) at 11am (English time). I guess that tomorrow will start at 12. And I think that it last for an hour.

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  1. Alissa Burrows says:

    No body knows an official time, but some people have theories as to when it will open on the fourth day.
    Note that below are UK times, so if you have a different time zone then google a time converter!
    On the first day, the registration opened at approx 9am.
    Ont he second day, the registration opened at approx 10am.
    On the third day, the registration opened at approx 11am.

    Can you see a pattern here? I think on the fourth day (tomorrow) the registration will open at approx 12pm.

    They are, all together, allowing 1 million people register accross the whole 7 days. I have read somewhere that per day, about 150,000 people can join.

    To register, you need to find the answer to the clue in the centre of the page. The clue appears when the registration is open, and stays open for however long it takes for vacancies to run out. This ussualy takes about 1 hour/1hour and a half. Once you know the answer, you have to add this answer on to the end of the web address given. You can find this on the pottermore webpage. Hit enter, and if it is correct, you will be redirected to another website where you have to find a picture of the magic quill. You need to look for a picture with a purple background and a blue glowing feather.

    If your still unsure, then you can always visit the pottermore website help page. It has everything you need to know.

    Good luck, and remember- patients is key!

  2. Blue Rox says:

    It was already closed by 7 in the morning US time today. Get up really early or pull an all-nighter.

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