Has anybody registered to the POTTERMORE website?

Question by ghjfurt6y_girl: Has anybody registered to the POTTERMORE website?
I’m just curious…
Like, who has registered and gotten into the website. There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding this website haha. As far as I know even though you’re registered, it doesn’t mean you can get into the website? I’m confused AND I already read the “help” section of pottermore. Can someone clarify wth is going on?!

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Answer by Sapphire
Yes,I registered,but not heard anything as yet.

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  1. Tαηk Gιяℓ says:

    No one has gotten into the site to register.
    Right now we have to find the magic quill. There will be will be a clue coming out each day for 7 days to find the magical quill.
    I believe the clue will be coming out 8am London time, so see how many hours ahead/behind London is of your country.

  2. Ana says:

    They will have a question for the next seven days, once you figure out the answer you type http://quill. pottermore. com/ and write your answer at the end of the backslash, this will direct you to a SONY website, where you should see quills floating, if you got the answer correct you should be able to click the correct quill and begin registering. Mind you this doesn’t guarantee you’re in for early testing of the site, it just means you’re registered, you need to receive a confirmation email, this could happen today or in the next few weeks. Good Luck!

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