Q&A: Does anyone have a good virtual harry potter website?

Question by Mazuki: Does anyone have a good virtual harry potter website?
Besides Pottermore (I’m already in that ;D got the third clue first thing baby B) But I mean like a whole odyssey type thing, where you live the hogwarts experience.

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Answer by Gary Zorn
Tube8.com. It’s te only website I go to to see wonderful wizardry. Tell me how it works out!!!

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2 Responses to Q&A: Does anyone have a good virtual harry potter website?

  1. Bo Bowers says:

    harry potter.com retard

  2. Nicole says:

    Gary Zorn: You’re a sicko. i can tell you kids are going to be looking at that and then they’ll be scared for life.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I have been looking for that too! It doesn’t seem to be anywhere!!! who ever makes a game like that would make a lot of money. :) i really want a game where you can pretend you’re a Hogwarts student (sort of like World of Warcraft or something, but a Harry Potter version!) , and actually move around and talk to other wizards and witches! but they don’t actually have that. First off, there are two websites i like to use:

    1. hexrpg.com (it stands for hogwarts extreme) its a role playing game, you get sorted and everything too! however, its a forum type website where you have to create the story yourself and write it in forums…
    2. lumosalliance.net – it’s the same thing, but you have to feed yourself everyday at the great hall or else you’ll be starving (honestly i found it really annoying because i am a busy person!) AND Peeves might pop out at you at random periods- Peeves just scares me. I’ll be online at night and suddenly i hear a creepy laugh and this creepy dude pops out of nowhere. :p

    im sorry but those are the only websites i know! but also, if you like to read, you can go to http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.net . it’s this website where harry potter fans continue the harry potter series. for example, they can write about what happened after voldemort died, or they can write about harry potter’s kids going to hogwarts, and it can be any genre! (from romance, to horror) they have a lot good stories out there on that website, but you should remember that JK Rowling did not write these stories herself, and that the stories might not be well-written.

    good luck!let me know if you find a good virtual harry potter website or game or whatever :)

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