Is Pottermore going to be just a online shop?

Question by PEPS: Is Pottermore going to be just a online shop?
Is Pottermore going to be a online shop for JK to sell her estimated $ 160+ million ebooks that she retained the right to…..with just a tiny bit of token new content to the cannon just to get the traffic up?

Or is it going to be amazing……? Potterwhore, or give me more!

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Answer by Lisa
No, it’s not just going to be a shop. It’s going to be an interactive site. I think that it’s going to like a game where you go through the books and get sorted into a house and everything. You can also add friends and stuff. The details are a little sketchy because the Pottermore people don’t want to reveal too much but here are few preview pics:

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  1. Lyra [Reading Tea Leaves] says:

    A clear idea of what Pottermore is hasn’t yet been released to the public. Like the other answerer said, it *is* going to be an interactive site that Rowling has said brings the Harry Potter experience back to the reading. Rowling has loads of information that she was never able to fit into the books that will be incorporated into the site. She has explained that, depending on your sorting, you will get a different experience from what we’ve already read in the books. If you are sorted into Ravenclaw, for instance, you will get Rowling’s account of what the commonroom and house is really like, from the inside, because you will belong there, and you will thus get a completely different experience of Hogwarts. The site will have the first Harry Potter ebooks available, as well as audiobooks, but Rowling has stressed that the site will be free, as a thanks and a gift to her fans. I would assume that this means these ebooks and audiobooks will also be free, but I guess I can’t be sure about that.

    This is where I’ve been able to find the most information (and everything I’ve told you, above) about Pottermore:

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