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Pottermore day 4, where’s the quill?

Question by Thunee Man Naidoo: Pottermore day 4, where’s the quill?
So I got on the Sony Site for pottermore day 4 but I can’t find the quill anywhere, can someone help me please.
I asked the same thing yesterday (day 3) and somebody told me if you hover your mouse over a specifiv place the quill will appear, but before I had the chance to try it registration was closed for the day. Please update if you find out anything more :)
Thank You guys sooo much for your help. I believe Nina has the answer. Just go to quill.pottermore.com/112 and when you get to the Sony site do the same thing again and It’ll redirect to the pottermore registration page.
My username is officially HazelFirebolt101. Not a bad one if I do say so myself :). So EXCITED!!!

Best answer:

Answer by DancinPrincess
I’m having the same problem >:(

edit: Just type in the website again and it will take you to the proper page

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