Q&A: How Come I’m not Getting my Pottermore Email?

Question by thewician: How Come I’m not Getting my Pottermore Email?
For Pottermore, I had gotten into the 1,000,000 first people to be able to use it, and I got in on the third day, along with the rest of my friends.

I want to know WHY I’M NOT GETTING MY EMAIL!!!

Thanks :)

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Answer by Puss in Boots
The emails are being sent at random, in very small increments. It doesn’t matter what day you got the quill. There are only about 225,000 people on so far, so don’t feel left out. It’s really better to get in later because the site has loads of frustrating glitches.

You can follow @Pottermore on twitter to be notified of when batches of emails are being sent out.

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5 Responses to Q&A: How Come I’m not Getting my Pottermore Email?

  1. ineedyoutopencilintherest says:

    Puss in Boots, is right.

    I just wanted to add, That today Pottermore insider said they will be sending out a larger amount of welcome emails EVERY DAY. So you should be getting you email Very Very soon!

  2. Narcissa says:

    You are not alone. Currently there are about 245,500 sorted on Pottermore.

    Some people believe that the emails are being sent at random, and to an extent that may be true. However, I am inside Pottermore and I can see what day people registered, and I will tell you that the vast majority of people on at the moment registered on the first three days. I am NOT saying that all the people from Days1-3 are in yet though – some are still waiting for their emails. I am sure people from the other days are already in as well, but they are definitely in the minority. So it does seem that Pottermore is giving SOME preference to those who registered during the earlier part of the week. Since you got in on the third day, I would think you will probably get in sometime very soon.

    Keep an eye on insider.pottermore.com. There is some very helpful info there.

  3. Nicole says:

    I haven’t got mine either, only about 25% of the million have got theirs so the majority are still waiting. Pottermore said yesterday that they will now be sending out emails daily over the next 2 weeks so we should be in soon :D!

  4. Scarypacman says:

    because they have to send out emails to 1,000,000 people and they need to make sure the site can handle it.
    ALSO, there are only about 300,000 people registered at the moment so they’ve still got to send out another 700,000.
    just be patient.

  5. Declan says:

    I felt the same way. It was very annoying. I just got mine yesterday, and, I know I didn’t like to hear this while I was waiting for my email, but, it will come, don’t worry.

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