Can someone answer this urgent question about Pottermore?

Question by Deep Thinker: Can someone answer this urgent question about Pottermore?
Ok, from 30 seconds after July 31, 2011 began everyone who tried to get on Pottermore got this support message:
“Due to overwhelming demand, you cannot access Pottermore right now. Please be patient whilst we try to connect you.”
The only thing is, every time it refreshes it goes back onto the same page.

I’m only worried that the people who cannot come onto Pottermore on July 31st, can they register for the online challenge too (to help build the site during the summer), when Pottermore is less crowded? After July 31st is over, can I still go on and put my name down for the challenge? Or is it automatically full or over after July 31st? Because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get on the site today.

Any information is appreciated….and also, if you are one of the many people stuck on the support page, you’re not alone =.=’

And yeah, whoever got past the support message on July 31st, what did it say? Anything about a challenge?

and it also says “Pottermore is currently unavailable, please come back later.” a few times as well. o.o
Hm..that’s interesting. Maybe if you live in different time zones….so the times are different…

Best answer:

Answer by CurlyQ
Well, I was stuck on the support page for a good 30-45 minutes, and some of my friends still are, but now I’m on the standard Pottermore page that everyone could see before the support page started up. But there is nothing about a challenge or anything. It just says sign up for the email like it did before. I have heard about the challenge but there is no indicator on the page. I’m wondering if it’s hidden. Too bad I’m not a Hufflepuff. I hope it starts working better soon. Good luck.

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  1. Carroll says:

    I cant get on either. it might be technical difficulties. i heard the same thing happened the day it came out to sign up for the email list

  2. Amanda says:

    You have to find the magic quill
    then you can get in

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