How do you play The Chamber of Secrets in Pottermore?

Question by Danielle: How do you play The Chamber of Secrets in Pottermore?
I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I started a Pottermore account. It is so much fun, but I am stuck. I went through all the chapters for the first book, and I was expecting to start the next one. But it wouldn’t let me! :(
I am not sure why it won’t let me move on to The Chamber of Secrets, but here is something that might be the reason:
When I was registering my account, I have watched all the movies. So I checked out all the movie boxes. But I haven’t read all the books. One of the books I haven’t read was The Chamber of Secrets.
Do you think that has any significance at all? If not, please tell me why it wont let me continue on with the other Harry Potter stories.
I have heard from a few people that it’s possible that Pottermore hasn’t finished making the second game yet. If that is true, does anyone know when it will be finished? I can’t wait to start the next one!
Please tell me everything you know.
Thank you! :)

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Answer by Kate
The next one hasn’t been produced yet. Pottermore is still in Beta mode, so only the first book is available to play on. Chamber of Secrets will be availabe later.
The survey in the begining was just for the company’s information databases I think.

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