Q&A: I can’t find the Pottermore clue?

Question by faith: I can’t find the Pottermore clue?
Hey anyone reading this! I live on the island of Guam (US Territory) and I’ve been on Pottermore since 9 am this morning. It’s now about 2:15 pm and I’ve seen NOTHING about this second clue. Yesterday was the same story. I really don’t want to miss my chance again. Can anybody give me some facts or help as to what happens when the clue is up? My best friend who isn’t even a true Harry Potter fan found it yesterday and I’m kind of getting frustrated at this point. Help please? Thank you in advance(:

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Answer by The Snarkling
I’m so sorry :( the clue isn’t up yet, just keep watching.

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  1. Harry Potter™ says:

    Basically, at some time ON THE HOUR (meaning 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, etc. NOT 12:32 or 11:56 or whatever) the ‘clue’ will go up. Instead of saying ‘registration is over’ it will clearly tell you the question. Then find the answer and type in
    Put the answer in where the blank is. Then you double click the feather. So check back every hour on the hour.

  2. orange says:

    It’s alright mate- we are all in the same exact boat! I’ve been on here for SO long as well…

    at least we have more than 1 chance, right?! :)

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