Why is Pottermore letting me sign in anymore?

Question by snapes on a plane: Why is Pottermore letting me sign in anymore?
I made my pottermore back a few months ago, and everything was going fine. I went back to go log in a few days ago and it says my username and password combination was incorrect. I was almost positive they were correct, but i asked for them to re-email me my username anyways. It was the one that I was putting in so I tried a few other passwords that I sometimes use and none of them worked. After another hour it let me log in again so i just had an email sent to me to tell me how to reset my password. When i got the email i opened the link and it said i could not change my password at that time. i tried a few minutes later and it was no good. I tried the next morning and it didn’t work either. A few days later, i was getting really aggrevated because i wanted to see the new Chamber of Secrets pottermore adventure. I tried to reset my password again with no avail. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? and i checked caps lock and all of that by the way.
Thanks :)

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Answer by მɴʈℍřʘς♈αясяαբ♈⛁イノク イ尺ノクク丂 イん乇 イ尺び丂イ比ロ尺イんリ イ尺ロロア乇尺
That is the site problem… Report this situation to Pottermore service…

Good luck!

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