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Hidden Spy Camera Alternatives

Today, a number of hidden camera devices are available in all shapes and forms, as mentioned in previous articles we have glorified the spy pen for its amazing versatility and how it can be used in all sorts of situations. Despite our praise of this device we have to admit that it’s not always the best-hidden spy camera for the job. So here is a quick run down on some of the alternative spy camera products on the market today.

Spy Glasses/Sunglasses

This is the device that began the whole hidden spy camera craze; depicted in movies they allowed someone else to watch what someone else was seeing. Originally a micro camera was hidden within the nosepiece that connected the lenses together. The main reason these nifty little gadgets never really seemed to take off however was the sheer size of the camera embedded within the frame. It just made them to bulky to be discreet.

An answer was soon found in the form of sunglasses; their design allowed much thicker rims without giving away the secret of the hidden camera. Only problem is you can only really use them when it’s sunny.

Overall spy sunglasses are brilliant products. The space that the framework provides allows good quality camera to be installed with other good quality components. While not offering the same versatility as a spy pen they are defiantly a fun alternative device.

Clock Cameras (And other stationary devices)

One of the least obvious places to ever hide a camera, people began hiding chunky high quality cameras within wall-mounted clocks and other objects. Often placed in devices high up in the room to ensure a good view of the whole room, they have provided full room security for years.

The offer no versatility, they are literally a one trick pony, but what a trick.

If you’re a hidden camera hound like myself you certainly would be lost without one of these variations in your collection.

Pre-disguised Hidden Cameras

Some how we have found ourselves coming full loop round back to the spy pen. We shall make an effort not to keep mentioning it as there are other devices this concept has been used to create, most often common day-to-day items.

We’ve come across several really strange disguises in our time. The most common of these seem to be tie clips, remote controls, and chewing gum packets.  All offer roughly the same quality of recording as each other.

The problem we have with these is that they are limited to how you can use them. A good piece of spy equipment should be versatile and always comfortable in its surroundings. The devices are not useable everywhere you go, so failing miserably we find ourselves coming back to the spy pen and stamping it with out recommendation.

A spy pen isn’t the only hidden spy camera out there, Jason Bosworth attempts to inform you of some of the other hidden devices available to you today.

Hidden Wall Safe Review

In this article I will review the Hidden Wall Safe giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision before purchasing. I will identify its features, advantages, disadvantages and how to install it.

What is a Hidden Wall Safe?

· A diversion safe. Diversion safes are the best way to hide your valuables in plain sight. They resemble any typical house hold item but with a catch they are a safe.

· The hidden wall safe is disguised as a wall outlet. When you install this safe properly no one would every suspect it was anything other than an outlet; making it a perfect place to keep your valuables when out of the house or out of town.

· Vault size: 7″ x 2 ½” x 2″ The vault itself is made of light weight hard plastic.


· Removable face plate giving you the option for matching existing face plates in your home.

· Spring tensioned to keep safe secured in place.

· Lock and key


· Inexpensive way to protect valuables from theft.

· According to a national pole of police departments the average time a burglary is in a victim’s home is only 5 to 8 minutes; that doesn’t allow them the time to look anywhere except the obvious places; jewelry boxes, regular safes, Cloths drawers, and entertainment cabinets, making this a unique and safe way to store valuables.

· Easy to install with provided template and saw.


· The outlet wall safe is not fire proof.

· Do to the nature of the safe being disguised as an outlet it is small and unable to hold large items.

· May not be installed into masonry walls.

Installation instructions:

Tools required: Pencil, and measuring tape.

· Measure existing outlet heights from floor to top of face plate to determine installation height of safe.

Once you know the height and location you would like to install it, be sure that area of wall is free from studs, plumbing, electrical, and heat ducts.

· Measure from floor to determined face plate height and make a horizontal mark. Place top of template even with mark and carefully trace template.

· From the top of the pencil line cut a hole down large enough to place your finger through. Then saw along the top pencil line and down the two sides. Place finger in hole to hold drywall from falling back into the wall while cutting the bottom line.

· Next insert the vault into the wall. The wings on the sides will keep it from falling into the wall cavity.

· Cover opening with face plate to conceal vault.

· Use key to turn face plate screw ½ turn to the right which turns the metal bar inside into the locked position holding the face plate securely to the wall. To remove face plate and access your valuables turn face plate screw ½ turn to the left.


If you are looking for an affordable and secure way to keep your valuables protected from thefts then the hidden wall safe is for you. I would highly recommend this product as part of any personal security plan. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens. 

Adam Sisterhen is the president of Your Personal Security Store and author of personal security and self defense articles. He is a proud advocate and a firm believer in personal security and self defense products that help protect you, your family and your loved ones.

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Hidden Cameras, Surveillance, Hidden Camera Dvr

How does your teenager, assistant or babysitter behave when you are not around? How do people act around expensive equipment, prized possessions or confidential data once you turn around and leave?

Knowing the answers to these questions could save your life, family or business from serious distress. A hidden DVR camera gives you the opportunity to prevent troubles or act upon them before it is too late.

Discreet monitoring using a hidden DVR camera is advantageous in countless situations including children being left in the care of a nanny, older children who have their own rooms, employees with whom you entrust money or sensitive information.

You can buy a hidden DVR camera privately on the internet and start using it instantly without alerting anyone else that you have one. It requires no installation and is incredibly easy to use.

If a spy camera has a built-in DVR, then it need not be connected to a VCR or DVD recorder to start recording. You will not be forced to tell others about it just because you need help setting it up.

A hidden color camera with built-in DVR is not unlike a point and shoot or plug and play gadget. You plug the camera into an existing electrical outlet, point it to the direction you intend to shoot and hit the record button on the included remote control.

Viewing the camera’s recording is just as easy. You either connect it to a TV or computer monitor using the included RCA cable or insert the included SD card into the SD card reader on a computer.

A hidden DVR camera is designed to resemble common home, office or personal items like an alarm clock, desk lamp, desk clock, wall clock, power outlet, air freshener, air purifier, boom box, tower fan, PIR alarm, spotlight, pen, watch, car key, stick drive, sunglasses, lighter, rearview mirror, exit sign.

Your source for stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, Mace, child safety, personal alarms, voice changers, safety lights, diversion safes, hand held metal detectors, Tasers, instructional fighting videos and much more.

Hidden Object Games On-line

Like alternative online games, hidden object games also are equally fashionable among children of all ages. Even adults relish taking part in hidden object games in their free time. The mysterious and curious part in hidden object games makes them even more exiting and thrilling to play.

Hidden object games sometimes revolve around a mystery that you need to resolve or discover so as to maneuver to a higher levels or win the game. The player may adopt the role of a detective, a hunter, thief, or maybe a police officer solving the mysteries in the game. Some hidden object games revolve around a specific story line, whereas in other games you may simply be finding some lost things in an exceedingly puzzle or a scattered picture.

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile could be a famous hidden object game primarily based on the book written by a renowned mystery author Agatha Christie. This game is sort of interesting and follows a correct story line divided into several levels within the game. You would like to find hints and clues for the murder within the game. You would like to find the respective clues in a very given amount of time so as to more to a higher level.

Another common hidden object mystery game is PJ Pride Pet Detective in which you are required to search for the missing pets. The graphics of this game are quite colourful that makes the sport even more exciting to play, and you find it quite thrilling to seek out the missing pets and return them to their respective owners.

A famous and fashionable historical hidden object game is The Edgar Allen Poe Conspiracy. This game revolves around the speculation that Edger Allen Poe was really murdered, and in the game similarly you wish to find clues in order to confirm and prove your theory. This is often a horrifying and exciting game which you would possibly prefer to play with your lights on. The game additionally contains ghosts and alternative bizarre characters from Edger Allen Poes written work.

Blood ties is another fashionable hidden object game inspired by the famous TV series. The background music and graphics of this game are truly amazing. In this game, the player has to find out missing folks with the help of her friend who is really a 450 years previous vampire named Henry. This game is extremely thrilling and requires your keen observation and concentration to play and notice the missing folks as you may return across really deceptive and misleading characters within the game.

Hidden object games following a particular quite story line are even more appealing and exciting to play as compared to merely easy puzzles and scattered scenes. The story line not only keeps the player engaged in the sport but additionally makes him/her eager to jump to a higher levels and keep discovering the mysteries and hidden secrets.

Another famous and fascinating hidden object games embody Samantha Swift Series, Mortimer Beck and also the Time Paradox, Herods Lost Tomb, and Hidden Expedition Titanic.

Jeff Patterson has been writing articles on-line for nearly 2 years now. Not solely can this author target Girl Games
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The Endless Fun of Hidden Object Games


Hidden object games provide a wonderful way to wind down, relax, and have a little fun. This type of game doesn’t require a lot of investment to get started, which is a big part of the appeal. Although these games can hook you for hours, gamers don’t have to feel pressured to play at certain times, or keep playing on a daily basis. You can literally play whenever it suits your fancy. Luckily, it’s easy to download games that require you to search for hidden objects, and they don’t have to be very expensive either. A hidden object game was most commonly found in traditional media in the past, such as newspapers, but online games are growing in popularity.

Hidden object games are extremely popular, mainly due to the fact that they are puzzle games. Although some people may consider this type of game boring, once you delve into the game you soon realize just how consuming a game it can be.

Millions of people love these games and have given them a loyal following. People keep coming back for more simply because they are addicted to finding the hidden objects.

It is possible to download games of this genre from a website. This is the quickest and easiest way to get started playing a hidden object game. These games are particularly popular among adults, who play them in their spare time to relax and think about nothing else but the game. Children don’t find them as exciting, which is understandable, however there are many kids who also love puzzle games.

Hidden object games are not just for the stereotypical nerd anymore, as all kinds of people enjoy what they have to offer. The great thing about these games is that they are about more than just searching for hidden objects.

They are about expanding your imagination and becoming immersed in a fanciful story about any number of things, from murder mysteries to ancient adventures.

If you want to download games online that allow you to search for hidden objects, simply do a search and you’ll be able to find many choices. Of course, it’s always advisable to look for a reputable game site that doesn’t have viruses or spyware in the downloads. Quality sites that require some form of payment to develop the games are the best places to go for dependable, fun games that won’t let you down. is a casual game developer, publisher, and distributor. They are well known for providing people with countless hours of fun playing all sorts of different online games, including hidden object games. They also sell game show games and offer more 100% free unlimited trial games than any other site. Visit today.

About the Author:

Thomas Stevens has been writing about games and gaming for several years. He loves to keep people informed about many different types of games, such as hidden object games. His hobbies include reading and sci-fi. In addition, he loves to download games online and play interactive games.

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Blend your mini hidden cameras with your ordinary everyday items


In order for your mini hidden cameras do remain hidden, they must not be recognized by anyone. But how do you do that? You can attain this by camouflaging. Your mini hidden cameras must look like your ordinary everyday items like lipstick, pen, shades, etc. If they are to see you carrying a pen with a mini hidden camera inside, all they would think of is you need to write something. Sometimes, they would just pay no attention to it at all.


And yes, looks can be deceiving. If you ever see something cute or pretty, it doesn’t always mean it is innocent. Cuteness is just a tool to dig in to the deeper side. Cute mini hidden cameras such as this panda-shaped style mini digital video recorder always fool people. Who would ever think that a cite panda keychain can spy?


At least with mini hidden cameras, you don’t need to drill holes on your walls or put your hidden cameras at the back of appliances just to capture the scenes.

With mini hidden cameras, you can take it along with you as you spy. If you’re going to settle your camera on one place, how would it capture the scenes out of the range of is lenses? And consider the quality of the audio, too, since it is far from the scenery.


Those are the main reasons why you should get mini hidden cameras, especially this panda-shaped style mini digital video recorder if you’re up to some detective job or just fooling around. It does not only look cute, it can also stand long hours of recording since it has memory storage of 4GB.

The resolution of the video it captures is 640×480. Not only does it give emphasis to the video but to the audio as well. The quality of the audio it captures is good enough for everyone to hear clearly the conversations done during the moment. Also, viewing the video captured to your computer is no hard task at all. There is a USB port and cable provided and all you have to do is plug it right in.


If mini hidden cameras are your need for your detective work or goofy business, then better choose the panda-shaped style mini digital video recorder than any other. Not only is its appearance the best asset of it all but also the quality of videos and audios captured.



1000 Views & Pottermore Disappointment [23-Jun-11 – Day 81] —– Description —– Hello My FRVIs! I am overwhelmed at the response to Tuesday’s video – Over 1000 views; YouTube honours like: #26 – Top Favorited (This Week) – People & Blogs – Australia #5 – Top Rated (Today) – People & Blogs – Australia #184 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Australia That’s just crazy 😀 And those honours keep changing too, improving and disappearing and changing. It’s SO COOL to watch! If I’m not careful, I’ll get trapped looking at numbers… So, aside from that, tonight was JK Rowling’s announcement about “Pottermore” – ‎”For this groundbreaking collaborative project, JK Rowling has written extensive new material about the characters, places and objects in the much-loved stories… the fresh Potter background from the author already stretches to 18000 words, with more to come…” It’s funny – I joined in with the excitement as it built up on Twitter and sat around waiting to catch a glimpse of after seeing Jo’s video on YouTube… I can’t really say that I’m impressed. From what I can tell, it’s a fancily-dressed MMO or role-playing game based around the objective of reading the books and uncovering previously unrevealed information and hidden extras. Alex Day / Nerimon had this to say: So, overall, it was a really disappointing outcome after the excitement had built up over the past month waiting for the grand reveal. Later taters! —– Follow
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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