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I have accessed Pottermore. Here is some new details

What is Pottermore?

After getting my username and password, I was granted access to the Pottermore Website.  According to the Web site, more than 1 million people will gain access to the Web site before it open in October 2011.

The Web site is going to be a new online experience from J.K. Rowling based on the Harry Potter books.

According to the Site

Pottermore is an exciting new experience from J.K. Rowling based around the Harry Potter books. It is FREE to join and use, and is designed to be safe for people of all ages.

The e-mail granting me access

Your Pottermore account

Welcome and thank you for registering for Pottermore by J.K. Rowling – the magical new online experience based around the Harry Potter books.

A million registrants are going to be granted early entry into Pottermore to help give it the finishing touches, and the exciting news is that if you validate your account quickly, you could be one of the lucky few selected. Please be quick because places are going to be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do you want access now?

You can find people selling their accounts on eBay.  Here is one that is listed for a starting bid of $.99 and is only a one-day auction.


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