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Author?s Latest Book Gives Bear?s Eye View of Family History

New Bern, NC (PRWEB) January 18, 2006 -?

Author Susan Eileen Walker of New Bern is surprised how comfortable she feels as an 88-year-old bear. This is evident in her latest book, I Am the Quigglebush Bear, just released from PublishAmerica.

?I tried to write the stories as an outsider looking into Alexander?s life, but that just did not work. So I became Alexander and wrote from his viewpoint,? Ms. Walker said. ?Sometimes I would get scared because it was so easy to become and old stuffed bear and tell his stories.”

In I Am the Quigglebush Bear, Alexander T. Bear visits Lori Hoopenthorp in the hospital. As she gets better, he tells her stories of clowns, monkeybirds, pirates, closet monsters and other adventures from his 88 years of living with the Quigglebush family.

?I originally wrote Alexander?s memories as a series of stories for the http://www.militarylifestyle.com Website. The editor hated the original Alexander story, but loved the little bear with attitude. He decided we had to do something special with Alexander,? Ms. Walker said.

A children?s chapter book, I Am the Quigglebush Bear is appropriate for children ages 4-9, though Ms. Walker has heard from parents and grandparents that they cannot wait to read Alexander?s stories themselves.

Ms. Walker is also the author of two other novels, 101 Borden Street and Maura?s Trunk. ?When people ask if children can read these books, I tell them that if the child is reading Harry Potter books, they can read these. My novels are a lot less violent and just as engaging.?

In addition to work on a sequel to I Am the Quigglebush Bear as well as her next young adult novel, Ms. Walker runs a one-woman medical transcription service as an independent contractor for Wayne Memorial Hospital in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She donates over 500 baby hats each year to hospital nurseries for infants. She also knits hats for children, the homeless and for the Christmas at Sea program of the Seaman?s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey.

All of Ms. Walker?s books can be ordered online at http://www. publishamerica.com right now and through bookstores online and off within the next month.


New York Actress Michalina Almindo Will Be Going to Texas to Audition for the Family Fantasy Movie Called “Witch Girls Tales”

(PRWEB) April 26, 2005

Michalina once a car sales person and business manager now finds herself on movie sets. She has given up her keys for cameras. The up and coming New York actress is building up quite an impressive resume. Michalina Almindo has worked in projects including the new Sidney Lumet film staring Vin Disel called “Find Me Guilty,” the Fox drama “Jonny Zero,” “In Good Company,” “All My Children” and the soon to be released “War of the Worlds.”

She will be arriving in Dallas, Texas April 29, 2005. The trip to Dallas is to audition for the much anticipated film “Witch Girls Tales” to be shot in Texas and Directed by Malcolm Harris. She has aspirations to be cast in the role of Helena the fun, loving, socialite witch that you don’t dare to cross. They would be lucky to get her while they can still afford her. While she has been doing bit parts and small roles she is quickly becoming a sought after actress.

Other names buzzing around the rumor mill our John Noble as the witch hunter Deacon Black, Angelica Bridges as Denora, the wickedest witch of all and ex “Buffy” star Robin Riker is also interested in the role of Denora. For an independent film the buzz and interest in this project is extraordinary. The film is based on an award wining comic book from Manga Graphix called Witch Girls. The buzz is Witch Girls Tales has the potential to be as big as Harry Potter. The film is magical, fun and dark and will be something the entire family can watch and enjoy together. This family fantasy film will be shot this summer in Texas and is scheduled for an October 2006 release.


WanderTot: New Family Travel Blog Offers Tips on Travel with Kids & Cheap Family Vacations

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 30, 2009

WanderTot.com is the place to go for the latest family travel deals, the best places to travel with kids, the funniest family vacation stories and the most helpful tips for traveling with kids.

In this economy, many families have reduced or cut their travel budget completely. This may affect their children more than they think–according an analysis of a U.S. Department of Education study released last week by VacationBetter.org, first-graders who took a family vacation over summer break did better in reading, math and general knowledge than their peers who did not vacation. WanderTot inspires families to travel again and provides tips on how to travel on the cheap.

WanderTot tells of a four-day family vacation to Las Vegas for just $ 200 and lets readers in on their money-saving secrets, with plenty of ideas for free and cheap things to do in Las Vegas with kids. Other affordable, kid-friendly destinations covered so far include Estes Park in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and San Diego, California, with reports on Orlando and Miami, Florida; Kodiak, Alaska; Paris, France; and many more family vacation destinations to come.

WanderTot also provides family travel news, including a recent post detailing Universal Studio’s plan to open a new Harry Potter theme park–The Wizarding World of Harry Potter–in spring 2010. With the latest travel news of interest to parents, along with WanderTot’s weekly “Travel Website of the Week” segment, this new family travel blog is a great resource for anyone traveling with kids.

Travel with kids can be a daunting task. WanderTot provides parents peace of mind with travel packing tips and tricks, a step-by-step guide to getting baby a passport, travel gear reviews and many more tips to come, including tips on flying with babies and toddlers and the best toys for travel with kids.

Holly Chatelain, the mom behind the blog, said, “It’s such a magical moment when your kids see something for the very first time. Traveling with kids can be challenging at times to say the least, but it’s so worth it in the end. WanderTot provides parents with all the information and inspiration they need to get out there and show their kids the world.”

Debbie Dubrow of DeliciousBaby.com, a top family travel website, called a recent post on “5 Ways to Ensure Disaster When Traveling with Kids” “hilarious” and featured it in her “Weekly Links: Great Family Travel Stories and Giveaways” segment. Whitney Trujillo, founder of The Mother List, commented on the post about Las Vegas, “GREAT post! Who knew Vegas could be so kid friendly?”

For additional information on WanderTot.com, contact Holly Chatelain or visit http://www.wandertot.com.

About WanderTot: Veteran traveler Holly Chatelain began blogging about her travels with her 21-month-old son Jack in order to share the trials and tribulations (and the joy!) of traveling with kids. A former writer and editor for Musician’s Friend, Chatelain is no stranger to the world of publishing. In her first blog, she joins her love of traveling, writing and being a mother.

Holly Chatelain,
WanderTot ? 303-748-5329


Family Christmas gift ideas. Some economical shopping tips.

Article by John Viscido

So here we are, the summer has only just really finished and we find ourselves heading towards Christmas, with less than ninety days left before the big day. Doesn’t it get more and more difficult as the years roll by , to think of interesting gifts for your family? I know that when we open up our presents there is always that traditional smile as we find out what we have got, but maybe there are some good ideas we can have a look at that will make that smile a bit wider, and a little less forced.

Firstly, why not take all of the hassle out of the Christmas rush by buying your gifts online. There are tremendous advantages such asOften gifts are much cheaper online as you are buying from a wholesaler and not a high street retailer.

The online gift shops, will usually send free of charge, and will gift wrap the present and include a message written by you, to your loved ones.

Online is so much easier that traipsing around the shops, and then lugging lots of gifts home, buying wrapping paper, sticky tape, and those little message notes which you invariable forget to stick on.

For mum and dad this year I would strongly go with the flow and buy an Amazon kindle. This kills two birds with one stone, as once you have bought someone the electric book reader, you are able to buy him or Ebooks for their next Birthday present. If you don’t know what a kindle is, then where have you spent the last couple of years? The kindle is at the forefront of the EBook revolution and is definitely the future as far as buying and reading books is concerned.

So what about the children? Well, there is always one of the new game-stations to buy if hey haven’t already got one. If they have , then simply buy the game to go with it. Harry Potter games and toys are all the rage since the last book and film have been released, and if you check out some Harry Potter sites, you will be amazed at the diversity of gifts on offer for all ages. From invisibility cloaks to board games. Traditionally for the younger children, Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends can provide your children with hours of traditional Sodor Island fun.

Christmas is a great time of the year, and is a time for giving, But if you shop early then you can give yourself the gift of a little time for yourself.

For more Christmas Shopping ideas click here

Human Family Tree Reviews

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The Malfoy Family In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Article by Allan Michael Taylor

One of the closest links of the Dark Lord and rivals of Harry Potter are the popular Malfoys. They have been significant characters beside the central roles in the series of Harry Potter novels. Their characters have been quite considerable in each prequel with this part being the most central for their disclosure.

Narcissa Malfoy has been quite uncommon throughout the sequel with only a few appearances. In the Half Blood Prince, she makes her way to Snape’s house with her sister, Bellatrix Lestrange, in the very first chapter. She is completely flustered and uproarious about, Lucius being in Azkaban and Draco being forced by Lord Voldemort to perform a difficult task, on meeting Snape. She convinces him to form An Unbreakable promise in order to defend her son and assist him in his tasks. If Draco could not complete the task, he should do it as a replacement. When Snape agrees to aid Draco, her tension is relieved to half of its original condition.

Draco Malfoy, the only son of Narcissa and Lucius, takes on an imperative turn in his character and appearance. From the start of the movie, his enquiring behaviour instils distrust in Harry’s heart who follows him throughout the year at Hogwarts as well as in Knocturn Alley to find out about his workings. In the Alley, Harry finds him bullying Mr. Borgin of Borgin and Burkes to mend one of his possessions and keeps one other object safe for him. He tortures him by showing something on his hand, which Harry believes as being the Dark Mark, Voldemort’s sign.

During his journey in Hogwarts Express, he tells his friends about the pre-eminence of the duty that he has been delegated with and Harry tries to overhear him while hiding under the Invisibility Cloak. Malfoy finds out about Harry’s existence, and immobilises him and breaks his nose. After returning to Hogwarts, Draco starts to spend more time alone, mostly in the Room of Requirements, and away from his minions. Unable to talk with anyone of his underlings, he feels snowed under with the secrets that he is hiding and experiences nervous breakdown. Soon enough, he finds a close associate in Moaning Myrtle with whom he shares his grieves and tensions. Once during his talk with her, Harry steps in and he aims Cruciatus curse on him who is much too quick for Draco and instead of being hurt, fires Sectumsempra curse on him, he is gravely injured by it and is carried to the hospital wing by Snape who had promised to defend him.

In the concluding half of the story, Draco’s mystery is revealed while he ambushes and disarms the greatly weakened Dumbledore. He tells that he was ordered by the Dark Lord to murder Dumbledore. He had repaired the Vanishing Cabinets in order to provide a route to the Death Eaters to enter Hogwarts without any enchantments coming in their way. On the other hand, unexpectedly, Dumbledore is already aware of this plan to kill him, and that the charmed necklace and poisoned mead were meant for him, which accidently hit Katie Bell and Ron Weasley.

Close to the completion of his task, Draco’s confidence wavers, as he feels apprehensive and terrified for executing a cold-blooded murder amidst encouraging cries from other surrounding Death Eaters. Just then, Snape appears on the scene to kill Dumbledore fulfilling his vow and escape from Hogwarts Grounds with fellow Death Eaters.

The illusory role of Draco Malfoy is far more important than any other of his family in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. His presence has actually spiced up the whole concept and has made the story more stimulating and interesting.

The New Harry Potter Film is showing at your local cinema from 15th July 2009.

Well, this vid should give the awnser of the question what Tom Riddle did in the years between hogwarts and his entirly transformation into Lord Voldemort. When he worked at Borgin & Burkes he is descibed as a big, good looking man with longer hair so I found that Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray would be the perfekt young Voldemort. I hope you like it!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Movie Mom Names Top Films and Top Family Films for 2005

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 27, 2005

Nell Minow, who reviews movies each week for Yahoo! Movies and radio stations across the US, has released her list of the year?s best movies ? the top 10 overall and the top 10 for families, with three runners-up in each category.

This year?s lists include some first-time screenwriters and directors, like Paul Haggis with ?Crash,? Dan Futterman with ?Capote,? and Joe Wright with ?Pride and Prejudice,? as well as champion of the box office and Oscars Steven Spielberg for ?Munich.? It was again a very strong year for documentaries, with ?Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill,? ?March of the Penguins,? ?Mad Hot Ballroom,? and ?Murderball? as standouts. The list of family films ranges from the brilliantly imagined big-budget worlds of Narnia, Chicken Little, and Harry Potter to the warm, evocative stories of love, loss, and growing up in ?Roll Bounce? and ?Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.? And one movie made it onto both lists ? the deliriously entertaining ?Wallace and Gromit: Search for the Were-Rabbit,? the first-ever feature from multi-Oscar-winner Nick Park.

Top 10 list for 2005


Diary of a Doctor's Wife: Pottermore

4 years in the midwest with a med-ped resident’s family!

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family

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