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Harry Potter Halloween Costumes Revealed

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes Revealed
by Isabellina Ceballos on Oct 4, 2011 A full collection of Harry Potter costumes and licensed accessories are available from TotallyCostumes.com so fans can celebrate the November 11th DVD release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2.
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Cheryl Klein Describes Her Role as Continuity Editor for the Harry Potter Books
Scholastic Senior Editor and Continuity Editor for the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" books, Cheryl Klein, has given an interview with The Rusty Key, speaking about her role and experiences in
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The Voice Behind Harry Potter Audio Books

The wonderful voice you hear on the Harry Potter audio books belongs to the seasoned Broadway actor, Jim Dale. This award winning actor started doing the voice over for Harry Potter books eight years ago. Mr. Dale has successfully been able to incorporate many different characters and voices into the script and has done so magnificently. Although hesitant at first to take on the project, Mr. Dale did so at the golden age of 71. He even won a Guinness World Record award for being able to create 134 character voices in the Order of the Phoenix. Each time a new book in the Potter series is released, an audio version goes out at the same time. That means that Mr. Dale must stay on top of things to make sure that all audio is ready by a set deadline date.

In all, Jim Dale has created over 200 separate voices for all of the Potter audio versions. And, to his credit, more than 5 million copies of these wonderful audio books have been sold since 1999.

This beats the world record for the best-selling audio books of all time.

The Harry Potter audio series has some interesting facts attached to it. It would take you five full days (117 + hours) to listen to the entire series in unison. To listen to the entire series in your car would mean driving at 60 miles per hour from New York to Seattle to Los Angeles to Atlanta and back to New York. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows consists of 17 CDs or 12 cassettes and over 635,000 copies of the audio version were ordered when the book first came out.

Listening to anything in the Potter series is a wonderful escape from reality. The books have become a worldwide phenomenon and are loved by people of ages. The recordings made by Jim Dale are definitely worth listening to – They are an absolute delight! He makes Harry Potter audio books something that can’t be missed for their pure listening pleasure.

He is brilliant and no one compares to him according to Anita Silvey, a well-know children’s book expert.

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Harry Potter Lego Xbox 360 Game Review

You’ll find in this game a great balance between being able to freely roam to diving right into  story mode that is guided by your headless ghost companion, Nick.  While in and around Hogwarts you can roam and explore this fascinating world as much as you like, giving you the ability to return to the story mode at your own pace.

Harry Potter years 1-4 covers the first four books of Harry Potter and a lot of effort has been made to cover the details.  From Hogwarts to the laughable characters this game doesn’t veer far from the world that we are all to familiar with.  You’ll relive all of your favorite moments from the Harry Potter books and even get a chance to fly on a broomstick in a game of Quidditch!

Harry and his friends advance in this game by solving puzzles, learning and casting spells, and defeating your favorite hideous villains that you’ve come to love to hate.  Strategy comes to play when you have to choose the right character to cast the right spells in puzzles.  But, the real challenge comes in learning and finding the different spells for each character.  Each spell you learn can be used the duration of the game and adds a new dimension to the game play and story.


As Harry and his friends move through the story, the world of Hogwarts seem to open up and come alive.  Doors that were once locked opens to new adventures and more secrets become dispelled.  One of Harry’s main objectives in the game is to free trapped kids in each level which can lead to some hysterical moments.  Harry also earns studs which is the games currency.  Harry can purchase new characters, spells, costumes, and other items in Diagon Alley with these stud points.

By far I would say, that this is the most visually pleasing and realistic LEGO game to date.  Even though the level of difficulty is easy, the game play will keep you and a friend busy for hours as you cast and learn spells and solve puzzles.  And after you beat this game you’ll want to come back and find new challenges and characters you might have missed the first go around.

If there was one slight drawback from this Harry Potter adventure it would be the amount of glitches.  However, the glitches won’t stop or freeze the action. With that being said, I wouldn’t call it the glitches a game changer.  This is a game, I believe, the whole family could enjoy especially if everyone in the family loves Harry Potter.  I give this game a 3 out of 4.

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This is the Lego Harry Potter 4709 Hogwarts Castle Review. Lego minifigures include: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Peeves, and a Knight. Lego set 4709 has 682 pieces. This is the first year castle which represents the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone movie/ book. The set originally retailed for about when it was released in 2001. Please comment, let me know what you think, and subscribe to my channel!! Also, if you like me, you can check out my Facebook page too!! www.facebook.com

Library readies for book sale

Library readies for book sale
Some noted authors in the selection include: Paula Deen cookbooks; James Patterson; Nora Roberts; Stuart Woods; Barbara Delinski; Sandra Brown; John Grisham; JK Rowling's Harry Potter books and more. To donate during the week leading up to the sale,
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New Harry Potter Robe Shop Launches in Time for the Halloween Rush
More Harry Potter Halloween costume information can be found at http://harrypotter-halloween.org. Harry Potter has morphed from a bestselling book to a popular movie series, with fans and followers around the world. The Harry Potter Halloween costume
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Rare Harry Potter Sketch by UK Illustrator Up for Auction
A sketch of Harry Potter with the mythical hippogriff Buckbeak drawn by former Harry Potter illustrator Cliff Wright will be up for auction at the end of the month, the Daily Mail reports. Mr. Wright was the illustrator of the UK Harry Potter book
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Harry Potter books review

Harry Potter is a great sequence of stories. I really enjoyed all of the movies. I really enjoy the fact that it took J.K Rowling 17 years to compile it into the series. She earned a lot from it too which is great for her since she was also suffering from financial problems. I really enjoy Harry Potter as an adult. I love seeing the movies and the visual effects.

It takes a lot of time and it’s great. I really enjoy it and I think it’s one of the masterpieces out there in Hollywood. I really enjoy all the character and I think that Harry was well chosen for the movie. He fitted the movie really well and so is all the other cast. I especially enjoy plot. It’s a poignant one but that’s what makes a good movie. I also enjoy the fact that she instituted religion and philosophy into her novel which shows that she’s a very knowledgeable person. The movie has many meanings and they are all rooted from her experience and religion. She incorporated religion and family into the movie. I think they are a great series for kids. I like the war between Harry Potter and the evil lord. I especially enjoy the magical power that each person has in the movie.

It’s refreshing to see what they can do. You don’t see stuff like that every single day. The movie is meaningful in many ways and I think that’s why it was successful. It’s a great collection for children. Even though it’s great, it’s still a children saga. I’ve read much more interesting work like Charles Dickens or Shakespeare with more sophisticated reading. I think that J.K Rowing is a good writer and that she should write more. She’s not doing much nowadays and it looks like she’s near retirement. She’s very wealthy now and I don’t think that she will need to write anymore.

Written by kay_pierre

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part two Shuts the Door on Harry and his Magical Colleagues

Article by Kenny Hinton

Yesterday it seemed that J.K. Rowling’s creativeness and imagination brought charming celebrities to the motion picture screen: Hermoine Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley. Without a doubt there are several other options in characters which are adored, however over the last couple of years these 3 especially grew from young children, to teens, and on to adulthood. There is a love affair between fans and the Harry Potter books, however that bond is even better now since there is a bond with the individuals. Now that the final movie is launched, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, several lovers hope for a unique end in addition to closure, but many question if the film does exactly that?As dedicated fans, we have put a lot of time into reading the books, watching the movies, and sometimes even keeping up on the actors in these films. For Harry Potter fans, the last sequel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, is a bit more than simply a summer blockbuster it’s the end of Potter legacy.This movie includes top action and enjoyment that most Potter fans have come to take pleasure in and adore. The movie features a number of action-packed scenarios, a lot of magic, some mystery, and also some good over evil triumph. The plot in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is targeted on these three main actors (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) while they hunt for horcuxes that contain Voldermort’s soul. This authorized Voldermort to stay immortal.There are several encounters that the trio defeat. Their struggle comes to an increased stage when Harry must combat Voldemort. While battling, Voldermort gets the Elder Wand, a remarkably effective and harmful wand, however Harry is still able to win. However, one of the main circumstances in the movie occurs when Harry chooses to deny the magical wands power and it cracks into two portions. With this denial of total power, we are able to see that Harry is a real genuinely heroic figure. This conclusion of the video enables most of us to let go some as little Harry is pictured as being all matured. This chapter also gives us a feeling of closure as it takes place 19 years into the foreseeable future. You will find there’s a scene that shows Harry married with a wife plus Ron and Hermione cheerfully sending their young children to Hogwart’s. I find it hard to imagine that Potter fans would have wanted a better ending because this allows us to see a fresh starting point. There’ll be new adventures and new heroes to learn to love. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 without a doubt supplies a great ending that was promised as well as a climax. If you are searching for this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 torrent, jump on the internet and visit your favorite torrent site.

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This show is one of the best if we are talking about wonderful shows. No need to be a geek to watch this, only a click will do. While it’s getting cooler and cooler, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is always giving us great episode that we really enjoy. What are you waiting for? Click the link now and start enjoying the episode. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. This is really cool!

The new and last installment of the Harry Potter series, “Deathly Hallows, Part 2? will not be in theaters until July 15th, but Potter fans are getting a sneak peek today. It is difficult to imagine that the first book, Sorcerer’s Stone, was released nearly 15 years ago. It must have been even harder for J.K. Rowling to adjust to the success that the series has become. After seeing tremendous success from the books, she sold the film rights of the first four Harry Potter books to Warner Bros. for a reported ,982,900.


Those who have read the book already know the answer. The real question is, how true will the final movie be to the final book? Will fans be happy with the result? And how much money will it really make at the box office?

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you know what shocking, deadly twists are in store once ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2’ hits screens later this year. If you haven’t, the poster to the right should give you a clue — the chaos is coming for Hogwarts.

Now he’s morphed into the daring man who not only stood up to Voldemort’s evildoers in Part One, but takes over for Harry at Hogwarts in Part Two. And when the battle commences, he gets to face one of Voldemort’s closest allies. It looks like the above image could be that very moment, and it’s nice to see Longbottom getting a bigger taste of the action. It’s all about to come to an end. Are you ready to see the fight come to Hogwarts? The second installment hits theaters on July 15.

With only 120 days to go until the final film in the Harry Potter series hits cinemas worldwide, the marketing gears are already starting to grind into action on what is set to be the film event of the summer. The defining film series of the past decade will culminate with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. The film is set for a star-studded premiere in London’s Trafalgar Square on 7th July that will mark 12 years of hard work by the film’s cast and crew. The general public who are not lucky enough to win tickets to that event or one of the many previews that will no doubt accompany the release will be able to see the film in cinemas nationwide from 15th July.

Never before has a red carpet film premi?re taken place in the iconic square and it will make Harry Potter one of the biggest premi?res to ever take place in London. Warner Brothers has announced that the premi?re will begin on the red carpet in Trafalgar Square where roped off areas will allow fans and competition winners to catch a glimpse of the film’s cast and crew before the guests in attendance make their way to Leicester Square’s cinemas to watch the movie.

In conclusion, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is simply the best and not to miss. We are giving you the FULL VIDEO for free because we don’t want you to cry losing it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is now ready to give you 100% TV entertainment. Enjoy watching now and have a nice day.

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New 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Trailer: Less Zeppelin, More Exposition
[Sony] Think Progress suggested Utah senator Orrin Hatch was comparing Antonin Scalia's critics to the Death Eaters from the Harry Potter books today in a speech on the Senate floor. This would be a great test of the liberal blogosphere's capacity to
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Abduction filled with plot holes
Nathan's parents are portrayed by Jason Isaacs from the Harry Potter series and Maria Bello. The film does not try to hide the fact that these are not his real parents, understandable given that the trailers all openly portray this fact.
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Latest Harry Potter Ebook News

Amazon founder heads digital advance on Guardian books power list
JK Rowling may be in the number two slot; but that is thanks not so much to the still-healthy sales of her Harry Potter books as to the forthcoming launch of the interactive website Pottermore – where, significantly, ebook versions of her titles will
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Scholastic Reports Strong Fiscal 2012 First Quarter Results
Trade revenues increased 10%, driven by continued strong sales of The Hunger Games trilogy in both print and ebook formats, as well as of the Harry Potter series. Because most US schools are not in session, revenue in Clubs and Fairs is minimal in the
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Auburn Public Library filled with resources
Youth Services also offers a variety of book clubs and activities for children of all ages, including monthly puppet shows, the Muggle Book Club, which encourages book reading using the Harry Potter series, on the last Tuesday of every month.
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Harry Potter Legos – 6 Fabulous Building Sets

Article by Fred Collins

The “pushing bricks into one another” toy, known as LEGO, is a fantastic building toy suitable for all ages.Children can bring to life some of the most exciting adventures from the Harry Potter books with the Harry Potter Legos building sets. Not only they can build the places, they can create all the action they want.Although there are several Harry Potter Legos building sets, I want to highlight six of the most recent sets that represent endless hours of fun and adventure

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