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Romance: Love Knows No Boundaries – Sa13+
Draco walked through the Alley and he saw Hermione with Ron. Then the two of them also saw him too. Ron then, whispered something to Hermione which made Hermione looked at Draco with piercing eyes. But Draco saw a spell that is going to hit Hermione so
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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures Contest Winners
They were Mario, Luigi, and Peach, and Hagrid, Harry and Hermione. The Goku costumer posted a short howto. He grew his hair out for 3 months, dyed it jet black and donned an orange dyed karate outfit. A pretty simple, yet effective costume.
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Who would win? Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen | Figment Blog

Their worlds have never touched, never collided. Never…

We’re pitting two of your favorite characters against each other and picking a winner in a battle that is intense and TOTALLY objective.

Ding ding ding! It begins:

Getting the Girl: Edward Cullen.
Even though Harry and Ginny roll into their middle-aged years all kinds of happily ever after, Edward Cullen rocks the straight seduction. It might not be the healthiest of relationships, but Edward has made sure Bella will be with him forever.


Piercing eyes: Harry Potter
No matter how big a deal Bella makes over EC’s toffeambertopazonyx eyes, nothing can compete with Harry’s fresh-pickled toads. If it weren’t for Harry’s reminisceyes, Snape wouldn’t have gone all fuzzy-hearted and protected him. HP would have been RIP.


Confidence: Harry Potter
It’s not even like Harry is that confident. It’s just, anything is better than whiny woe-is-me Edward.



Lifestyle: Edward Cullen
His mansion-in-the-woods whips Harry’s cupboard-under-the-stairs and his off-the-runway clothes kill Harry’s duds from Dudley.



Battle Royale: Harry Potter
Avada Kedavra, bitches.


And, with a decisive 3 to 2 victory, our literary winner is Harry Potter! Who do you want to see duke it out next? Tell us in the comments!