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Harry Potter Kindle Books – A Brief Review

Article by Randall Sullivan

The Harry Potter books are an amazing series. I have wanted to read them for quite some time now, but I never could seem to find the time. Ever since they first came out, that’s practically all my friends would talk about (don’t judge my friends, lol), and I felt like I was missing out. Looking back, I really was. There is just something about Harry’s story that captures the heart and imagination. I was finally able to read the series by using my Kindle – an excellent tool for anyone who enjoys reading but is too busy to do so at home.

Since their publication up to June 2011, the Harry Potter series has sold more than 450 million copies and has been translated into at least 67 different languages. This makes the Harry Potter books the best-selling book series in history. I think that was one of the primary reasons I decided to read the books – how can you go wrong reading books like that? There must be something special about them, I thought to myself. But I was always so busy; I never had time to actually sit down at home and read the books. So I wondered, are the Harry Potter books on Kindle? Of course they are, so I bought and read all of them. It took a long time – there are seven books, and some are quite long. But it was well worth it. And there really is something special about the Harry Potter series. To me, it fulfilled that deep desire to stand out in a crowd and be special. Everyone feels this desire from time to time; it’s completely natural. Since people generally associate themselves with the protagonist when reading a book, while reading Harry Potter you associate yourself with Harry. You feel what he feels, and live his experiences. This is what makes the Harry Potter books a masterpiece.

Harry’s journey begins very rough. While reading, you can feel his pain, which leads to a desire for Harry to find a better life. This desire is fulfilled when Harry is introduced to the world of magic. Not only is Harry able to escape his difficult past, but in this new, mysterious world he finds that he has magical powers and is famous! How is that for a rags-to-riches story? Once again, your desire for a better life is fulfilled through Harry. And this is more or less how it continues throughout the series.

Reading the Harry Potter books on Kindle was the only way to go for me. The Kindle is small and light, which allows me to take it wherever I like. It makes reading anytime more convenient and is a must-have for anyone who enjoys reading. The Harry Potter books are also a must-have, because you’re sure to enjoy them. Everyone else seems to, and I know I did. Don’t miss out!

Randall Sullivan is currently a student studying actuarial science.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Review

Opening November this year, the remarkable fable of Harry Potter will arrive to your spectacular conclusion aided by the film generate of Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows. To help you celebrate, LEGO is going for being bringing out an innovative new line of items guaranteed to satisfy even essentially the most really serious Harry Potter buff. LEGO has created a lasting status of fantastic high quality and pleasurable through the a long time, largely due to making toys and games and games from popular motion photographs like Star Wars, Prince of Persia, Batman and Harry Potter. Each and every LEGO film unit delivers a state of affairs used from these popular movies suitable straight down towards the smallest facet. These kind of superior LEGO toys and games are designed for children eight – fourteen a long time previous, but nevertheless, grown ups appear to really enjoy the designs as very much because the little ones.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is surely the largest of your Potter collections introduced this yr.

The model contains in surplus of one,290 LEGO parts, 3 manuals likewise as 11 LEGO minifigures. The actual castle is superb and intensely thorough suitable straight down to the sorting hat and Gryffindor’s Sword inside professor Dumbledor’s space as well as Sirius Black’s face within in the Gryffindor typical home. You could possibly even uncover Tom Riddle’s diary tucked away deep within of the suit of knight’s armor. You’ll also locate the restricted library of Hogwarts Castle with this arranged, plus the Astronomy Tower and vanishing cupboard.

LEGO models are actually valued for the LEGO minifigures which ship with every single collection.

You can not acquire the LEGO mini-figures on their very own, and that is what helps make them so in need. The one strategy to buy individual LEGO characters is by way of world-wide-web web sites such as eBay or Amazon.com along while using occasional storage sale made, if you’re fortunate ample to discover them. Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle is manufactured up of some of your most very valued characters which includes Harry Potter, Hermione Grange, Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Argus Filch as well as the cat, Professors Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick, Mrs. Norris, and 2 Dementor minifigures.

Better complex LEGO sets will require some time to create. It really is all as well straightforward to devote numerous hrs putting a kit for example this jointly, it is particularly genuine if this can be your very first set. It’s advisable to choose a sizeable area to accomplish the task and be mindful of vibrant youngsters and pets as you will find lots of little goods in such a kit.

One particular downside of this set could be the absent Ron Weasley, but chances are you’ll obtain the Ron minifigure out of the LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut established. That LEGO kit can be a scaled-down set and is costed at an simply economical mid-variety price tag. Some other LEGO Harry Potter models launched in 2010 had been Quidditch Match, Freeing Dobby, The Burrows, plus the Hogwart’s Express Train Set.

You can discover far more facts and opinions about Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle interactive toy here.

Review: Lego Harry Potter Years 5 to 7

Review: Lego Harry Potter Years 5 to 7
Like the bigger console versions, Harry Potter Years 5 to 7 lets gamers play key moments from several Harry Potter movies, including The Order of the Phoenix, The Half Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows. Small cut scenes break up the game play,
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CinemaCon: Warner Bros. Unveils New Dark Knight Rises Footage
by SuperHeroHype There was a lot of anticipation for today's Warner Bros. presentation, because every year, they really seem to bring their A-game, and coming off the enormous hit of last year's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one review

Article by Kaycee Feela

Harry Potter as well as the Deathly Hallows, Component I can be a brooding, slower-paced film than its predecessors, the results of currently being just one particular fifty percent of your final story (the survive ebook from the series was split into two movies, released in theaters eight months apart). Mainly because the penultimate video is all buildup just before the final showdown between the teen wizard as well as the evil Voldemort (which doesn’t happen until eventually The Deathly Hallows, Portion II), Portion I is actually a highway-trip motion picture, a heist motion picture, lots of exposition, and much more fat on its 3 adolescent prospects, who up until eventually now had been sufficiently supported by a revolving door of British thesps throughout the series. Now that all of the actions takes site outdoors Hogwarts–no much more Potions courses, Gryffindor scarves, or Quidditch matches–Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione), and Rupert Grint (Ron) shoulder the video practically entirely on their own. Immediately after a close to-fatal ambush by Voldemort’s Death Eaters, the 3 embark on a quest to discover and destroy the remaining five horcruxes (objects that store parts of Voldemort’s soul). Fortunately, because the story will get much more grave–and mother and father really should be warned, you’ll find some scenes too frightening or grownup for small little ones–so does the intensity. David Yates, who directed the Harry Potter films Buy from the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince, drags the second half a bit, but proper together with some with the slower moments are some touching surprises (Harry main Hermione inside a boogie, the return of Dobby within a entirely non-irritating way). Deathly Hallows, Element I is going to be the most confusing for individuals not familiar aided by the Potter lore, particularly inside the shorthand way characters and terms weave in and out. For the relaxation of us, though, watching these characters around the very last decade and declaring farewell to a handful of faces would make all of it bittersweet which the end is close to (certainly, an earlier scene by which Hermione casts a spell that helps make her Muggle dad and mom overlook her existence, just in case she won’t return, is specifically psychological). Despite its difficulties, Deathly Hallows, Aspect I succeeds in what it is really most meant to try and do: whet your appetite with the grand conclusion to the Harry Potter series. –Ellen A. Kim

Strolling out of the screeing, considered one of my pals remarked that he hated this Harry Potter film, stating it really is the “worst” in the series. I disagree, but fully grasp exactly why he thinks by doing this. As everyone who has read the e book understands, a substantial component with the seventh e-book is buildup in the direction of the definite battle that awaits. Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hollows Pt. 1 is just buildup.

If you have study the book, you may take pleasure in this movie as it can be faithful to the spirit of the e book; in the event you know Harry simply just by means of the films, you might be disappointed. For it can be filmed with camping in deserted locations, forests, and also other odd locations to escape from Voldermort’s grasp. This really is genuinely why some critics totally hate this video as they are able to not fathom the amount of buildup this motion picture does. Nonetheless, if they wish to criticize anyone, they should critique Rowling as this is usually a trustworthy adaption of her ebook.

Radcliffe and Grint are great as continually, however the welcome surprise is Emma Watson whose acting has gotten greater and superior, and she reaches a whole new peak. She balances every partnership incredibly decisively , putting various psychological layers in treating Harry and Ron. On top of that, the landscapes are as gorgeous as ever before, and also the special effects have grown to be surprisingly far better-especially Voldermort’s snake which despatched chills by means of my spine.

The emotion the movie induces does some thing that the guide never ever did for me. It normally requires it out of this magical entire world, and into the genuine globe, and makes the evil present in Harry’s Earth appear like the worry many people battling evil may possibly have felt in Germany, during the 1930’s and forties. Hermione’s try to save lots of her father and mother from your arms of evil give us an additional view within this entire world which virtually mirrors us with regards to what these folks go via to wipe this evil horror.

The deathly Hollows may be a boring video for people unfamiliar while using guide, but for your viewers of this tale it can be by far the most faithfully done adaptation. Confident, the video doesn’t be successful with a film lover’s stage of view, but 1 have to keep in mind any disappointment felt with this film will evaporate using the menacing, blood spilling moment part.

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Harry Potter studio tour: first review

Harry Potter studio tour: first review
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Review: 'Awake,' New TV Drama, Debuts Thursday Night on NBC
They include the star of the show, Jason Isaacs, who in addition to being known for his portrayal of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series, is a BAFTA award-winning actor. Cherry Jones (who plays therapist Dr. Evans) and BD Wong (who plays
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Daniel Radcliffe Accuses Academy of Snobbery for 'Harry Potter' Oscar Snub
By Jeremy Gordon The Harry Potter movie adaptations have done just fine for themselves, ranging in quality from acceptable to pretty good, taking in enough cumulative box office money to turn Antartica into a dog colony. They haven't won many Academy
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Film Review of Harry Potter (2005)

Harry Potter fans are a unique breed. We don’t just appreciate the books; we live and breathe them. We aren’t just familiar with the storylines, we are obsessive about them, spinning theories and examining every word, every detail, with manic intensity. So, the brave soul who takes the helm of a Harry Potter film should resign himself to the fact that his artistic endeavor will be nitpicked to death. No matter what the strengths of the film on its own merits, fans will lament the exclusion of their favorite scene, plotline, or character. Screenwriter Steve Kloves has been working under this sort of pressure from the beginning of the series, and fans often only allow his liberties because he assures us that he has consulted with author JK Rowling every step of the way.

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to reiterate that I am not one of those people who thinks you need to have every detail from the book in the films.

It can’t be done, for one thing, and it’s not necessary, for another. The story in Goblet of Fire is very well-written, clean and clear from beginning to end. Kloves and director Mike Newell keep the focus where it belongs, on Harry and on Voldemort, with the story hung on the structure of the dangerous tasks of the Triwizard Tournament.

The Harry Potter movies have always benefited from excellent acting. The strong cast of veteran actors supporting the young newcomers has been a formula which started the films off on a strong note. If the Trio (Dan Radcliffe as Harry, Emma Watson as Hermione, and Rupert Grint as Ron) were clearly still new to their craft in the first two movies, they were just as clearly growing into it by the third film, Prisoner of Azkaban. We began to get an idea of just how well these young actors could act.

In Goblet of Fire, they finally blossom into full-fledged leading actors, mining the potential we always suspected was there. Watson and Grint are excellent, giving deeper and more nuanced performances than we have yet seen from them. We are fortunate that the material in Goblet of Fire is more emotionally intense and sophisticated, and it is a delight to see Watson, Grint, and supporting players Matthew Lewis, Bonnie Wright, Robert Pattinson, and James and Oliver Phelps rise to the new challenges their roles now provide.

But this film belongs to Dan Radcliffe. For the first time, Radcliffe becomes the leading man, the title character. Radcliffe carries this film, and the excellent supporting cast is just that-support. Harry is a teenager through and through, not a fifteen year old actor trying act like an adult, which makes his emotional highs and lows all the more poignant. We can see that Harry is deeply affected by, but has very little idea how to deal with, the apparent defection of his best friend, the unavailability of his crush, and the life-threatening danger of the three Triwizard Tournament tasks. The dramatic climax of the film, after the third task, marks the apex of Radcliffe’s performance in a scene that is compelling, intense and heartbreaking.

Mention should be made of the delicious evil characters in this film. Jason Isaacs is back as the sneering Lucius Malfoy, and Tom Felton returns as his son, the ever-hateful Draco. David Tennant portrays the escaped Death Eater, Barty Crouch, Junior, who, along with Timothy Spall’s traitor Peter Pettigrew, is responsible for the rise of the most evil enemy of all, Lord Voldemort. Voldemort, embodied by Ralph Fiennes, is both creepy and powerful-not just magically, but physically, which was a new dimension of that character for me. He has the snake nose and the charisma, and when his buttons are pushed, he has the rage and the megalomania required in an evil overlord. The malevolent arrogance evinced by Fiennes’ Voldemort makes him a real threat, and for a moment, we are unsure that Harry should face this creature.

Newell’s directing keeps the film moving along at a fast clip; it never drags, even in expository or emotional scenes. It’s tightly put together, with the focus squarely on the development of the story. The only problem is that sometimes, the clip is too fast. There are moments we want to savor, and can’t. It would be lovely to spend more time exploring both Ron’s and Harry’s reactions to Hermione showing up at the Yule Ball with an unexpected date, or to be given a moment to hold our breath in suspense while waiting terrified in the graveyard.

As an obsessive Potter fan myself, I’d like to take a moment to offer my own complaints. These are not necessarily critiques of this otherwise excellent film– those will come in a moment-but simply the things I loved about the book that didn’t make it into the movie. I recognize that only readers of the books will understand much of the next couple of paragraphs; in the words of Hagrid, “Sorry ’bout that.”

I didn’t miss the whole S.P.E.W. storyline, but I worry that without it we miss the witness to Hermione’s compassionate heart and social conscience. We also miss the relationship between Harry and Dobby, which becomes important in later books. I missed meeting the elder Weasley brothers, and seeing the beginning of the relationship between Bill and Fleur. I can live with all those cuts pretty easily, but the ones that stung-in terms of character and plot development- were the following three:

-The almost total lack of Sirius. The one CGI appearance doesn’t cut it. One of the major themes of Goblet of Fire is Harry’s slow process of opening up and depending upon an adult, after a series of undependable adults in his life. Sirius is the one adult who loves Harry unselfishly, who risks his own life and freedom to be there for Harry when he’s needed, and who cares for Harry after the traumatic events of the third task. I think that the story is done a disservice by the removal of this plotline.

-The second scene that I missed was the short scene, also after the third task, with Mrs. Weasley attending to Harry in the hospital wing. Harry, to his shame, begins to cry, and Mrs. Weasley wraps her arms around him and holds him. The moment is deeply poignant, and further cements the bond between Harry and his surrogate family, the Weasleys.

-Finally, I regret the gloss-over of the very important storyline involving Neville’s past. Goblet of Fire is the book in which we learn what happened to Neville’s parents and by whom it was done. Neville reacts badly to a lesson on the Cruciatus Curse, used to magically torture people, but we never find out why. Frank Longbottom was mentioned in the Penseive scene, but no follow up happened between Dumbledore and Harry, so the detail was too easily lost.

Each of these significant omissions is a symptom of a disease I have only recently been able to identify. In this franchise, each movie has been treated as its own independent unit, rather than a one-seventh of a larger story. There is very little care in any given film to build on the plotlines and character development from the preceding film. I don’t usually compare the books to the films, but this is, after all, the same story, told in two different media. Consider the beautifully continuous flow of one book to the next; Harry makes no sudden leaps of maturity or intellect, but he does make ongoing gradual ones. Details from book one are remembered and addressed in books three, four, and six. Questions raised in book two are left hanging until their answers become life-or-death matters in book six. People mentioned off-the-cuff in books one and three die terrible and plot-defining deaths in books four and five. The examples of the exquisite connectedness of each of Rowling’s books go on and on.

Have any of the three directors, not to mention screenwriter Steve Kloves, even read all of the books, or do they only read the one they’re working on? Do any of them see their endeavor as part of a much larger story, rather than just their crack at “a Potter film?” I truly feel that Newell did as well as anyone could have done with Goblet, and I also think he produced a very strong and well-made film. love this film. I was only slightly disappointed with this film; for the most part I was impressed and pleased. But as long as each director is concerned only with telling this story, rather than this part of the much bigger story, the Potter films will never be all they could be.

Discuss films and movies at the Rouseindahouse Teen Forum with teens from all over the world.

Lego Hogwarts Castle Review

Article by Cameron Davis

Two of the biggest and most recognized names of the twenty first century have once again joined forces to ignite the imaginations of both children and enthusiasts. Lego Hogwarts Castle is the largest Lego Harry Potter set to date and is sure to catch the eye of anyone between the ages of eight and eighty!

Explore the world of Harry Potter as you stroll through the corridors of Hogwarts Castle. Join Harry (and friends) in Gryffindor Tower or linger alone in the restricted section of the library. (Watch out for Filch and Mrs. Norris!!)

Ask anyone who has bought or received a Lego play set and they’ll tell you it’s all about the building! Lego is a front-runner when it comes to encouraging children to use their imagination to construct and create. Letting kids, and adults alike, enter into the imaginary geometric worlds they build. Their latest creation, that pays tribute to one of the most beloved characters of a generation, does not disappoint.

With a staggering 1290 pieces (which required three instruction manuals to put together) it’s easy to imagine getting lost in hours constructing this highly detailed toy! Sorting hat, secret chamber, and Gryffindor’s sword are just a few of the items that bring this world to life! Lego Hogwarts Castle needs its space! With many small pieces, be sure to keep away from both small children (due to choking parts) and pets (due to their chewing parts).

Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Professor Dumbledore, Hermoine Granger….no Ron? Lego Harry’s Castle is missing one of its main characters, Ron Weasley. This small detail is crucial to the continuity of the storyline but a minor oversight to the BIG picture.

Compared to the details included in this set, Ron is sure not to be missed. (If Ron Weasley is a necessity, he can be found in Lego Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut) Since all Lego sets are interchangeable, dare to combine Hogwarts Castle with other Lego play sets and watch the battle unfold with the Dementors!

Whether you’re buying a gift for a youngster on your list or a Harry Potter fanatic, Lego Harry Potter Castle can not be overlooked! During the holiday season this toy will not stay on shelves for long so get your LEGO Hogwarts Castle before they are sold out. A must have for every LEGO and Harry Potter fan and a great addition to your LEGO collection!

Read the complete LEGO Hogwarts Castle Review and get the best price on this detailed new toy from LEGO. In addition to our LEGO Hogwarts Castle review we have many more great reviews on the newest Top Gifts and Toys at http://www.top10christmasgiftssale.com

My Review About Harry Potter Books

Article by Victor Cooper

The popular character from the wizarding earth that every person enjoy it and needed to be a part of his lifestyle. Harry Potter has become phenomenon more than 10 years and has a good deal of fanatic followers about the earth, far more than 20 hundreds of thousands fanatic supporters.Harry Potter is the major character of the seven Best Novels for fantasy catagory which produced by the British Author, Jane Katherine Rowling, well known as J.K Rowling. The initial series of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and The Philosopher

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