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Q&A: Does anyone have a good virtual harry potter website?

Question by Mazuki: Does anyone have a good virtual harry potter website?
Besides Pottermore (I’m already in that ;D got the third clue first thing baby B) But I mean like a whole odyssey type thing, where you live the hogwarts experience.

Best answer:

Answer by Gary Zorn
Tube8.com. It’s te only website I go to to see wonderful wizardry. Tell me how it works out!!!

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Has anybody registered to the POTTERMORE website?

Question by ghjfurt6y_girl: Has anybody registered to the POTTERMORE website?
I’m just curious…
Like, who has registered and gotten into the website. There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding this website haha. As far as I know even though you’re registered, it doesn’t mean you can get into the website? I’m confused AND I already read the “help” section of pottermore. Can someone clarify wth is going on?!

Best answer:

Answer by Sapphire
Yes,I registered,but not heard anything as yet.

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Why can’t i sign up for the pottermore website?

Question by Ana: Why can’t i sign up for the pottermore website?
Hey guys, i know pottermore opened a while ago and at the time only a certain amount of people could join earlier. However have they just stopped registrations all together? i can’t get past the “choose your country” part of the registration process. i chose my language and obviously i filled out my birthday. does anyone have any information for me? thanks a bunch!

Best answer:

Answer by Aarti
I don’t think they have stopped registrations….Not sure this will help, but try signing up from a different browser. Which one do you use anyway? Pottermore isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer if you have Windows XP. Try Firefox/ Opera/ Chrome.

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How to get into a website when it has crashed?

Question by : How to get into a website when it has crashed?
Pottermore has crashed! And it would be so great if I could get in, because at the moment it keeps refreshing itself because so many people are trying to get in. Any help?

Best answer:

Answer by Mercuri
Not possible. Just wait for it to come back up.

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A Perfect Party Zone Launched E-commerce Website to Better Serve Customers

(PRWEB) June 1, 2004

A Perfect Party Zone – the online store for kids birthday party supplies, launched an e-commerce web site that takes the work out of children’s birthday party shopping. http://www.aperfectpartyzone.com.

Children’s birthday party theme supplies include: Alien, Barbie, Barney 1st Birthday, Barney Preschool, Baseball, Batman, Beauty and the Beast, Blue’s Clues, Bob the Builder, Bratz, Bumble Bee, Camouflage, Care Bears Boy 1st Birthday, Care Bears Girl 1st Birthday, Care Bears Preschool, Cat in the Hat, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Cowboy, Denim Daze, Dexter’s Laboratory, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Elmo’s World – Sesame Street, Extreme Sports, 1st Birthday Boy Stars, 1st Birthday Girl Hearts, Frog, Hamtaro, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,Hello Kitty, My Horse, Hot Wheels, Incredible Hulk, Justice League, Kim Possible, Ladybug, Lizzie McGuire, Lord of the Rings, Luau, Magic, Mickey Mouse, Nascar, Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Power Rangers, Powerpuff Girls, Race Car, Rolie Polie Olie, Scooby Doo, Shopping Spree, Shrek 2, Space, Spiderman, Splat, Spongebob Squarepants, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Sixteen, Tea Time,The Wiggles, Thomas the Tank Engine, Twinkle Toes Ballet, Veggie Tales, Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday, Winnie the Pooh Preschool, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zoe Ballerina – Sesame Street.

Low prices, easy to locate patterns, full selection of products, secure, user friendly checkout process, and personalized, caring service make “A Perfect Party Zone” the ideal online store for children’s birthday party supply shopping. Character descriptions/ history, and activity and food ideas available for most themes. This is your first choice, one stop location for all you need to have that perfect get together.

http://www.aperfectpartyzone.com One stop online birthday party supply shopping.

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Webjam Launches One-Click Website Creation, an Innovative Feature Aimed at Local Communities, Fan Clubs and Non-Profits

London, UK (PRWEB) June 21, 2007

Webjam, a London-based internet start-up recently named a ‘Global Innovator’ by Guidewire Group, announced today the full release of its one-click website creation feature. Upon entering a single keyword on http://www.webjam.com, users immediately get a fully-fledged webpage about a product, a person, a topic or an event they are passionate about, and can start sharing it with a community. Making website creation easy, Webjam lets users focus on managing their existing communities or nurturing a new one, be it around arts, politics, sports, cars or a local neighbourhood.

“By facilitating content aggregation around hobbies, passions or places, we allow internet users to focus on what matters the most to them: building communities around their ideas and experiences” explains Yann Motte, Webjam co-founder & CEO. “The unique versatility of the Webjam platform – that automatically aggregates blogs, news, photos, videos, bookmarks or book reviews- bridges the gap between sharing your thinking and providing the context for it”.

Whether a user wants to share thoughts about the upcoming Harry Potter movie, lobby for sustainable development, manage a local football club association or create an iPhone fanclub, Webjam provides a free and easy solution to publish content and manage memberships. The new community owner can customize the page through a simple drag-and-drop interface, and decides who can see what by setting privacy levels on the whole page or on any given content.

Making website creation easy is part of Webjam’s mission to offer ‘the web the way you want’ to internet users sometimes overwhelmed by the task of creating and maintaining a website. Fans, bloggers, non-profits and local associations now have a simple tool to gather information around their preferred topic and manage the community around it. The new feature is available from Webjam’s homepage or from adopt.webjam.com/[topic].

About Webjam

Founded in 2006 by a British, a Spanish and a French entrepreneur in London, UK, Webjam aims at empowering individuals and communities to create, aggregate and share content online. Webjam differentiates itself by bundling powerful community features with an easy drag-and-drop interface, a rich catalogue of modules and styles and a unique feature to replicate content and styles from the community. With investment support from I-Source Gestion, Webjam is set to bring a disruptive approach to media publishing through its three pillar principles of replication, reputation and relevance. Webjam was recently named a ‘Global Innovator’ by Guidewire Group, the leading global early stage technology research firm and producers of Innovate!Europe. For more information about ‘the Web the Way you Want

New website 'The Fandom' features 'The Hunger Games' and other franchises

New website 'The Fandom' features 'The Hunger Games' and other franchises
The site comes from the same people behind "The Potter Games," an online interactive game that inserts characters from Harry Potter into a Hunger Games-like arena. (Full disclosure, I helped write one of the characters for "The Potter Games.
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Lord of the Rings is going LEGO
Consumer Products has delivered numerous worldwide successes in the construction toy aisle with lines like LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Batman, introducing us to loyal audiences who love great stories, strong characters and the toys that they inspire,"
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Literary Mixtape: Mowgli
Here, we sneak a look at the hypothetical iPods of some of literature's most interesting characters. What would be on the personal playlists of Holden Caulfield or Elizabeth Bennett, Huck Finn or Harry Potter, Tintin or Humbert Humbert?
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New website — http://www.CostumePros.com — offers the Largest Inventory of Costumes in the World.

(PRWEB) October 4, 2003

Greater Boston’s favorite retail party palace, ItzaParty, is bringing the party to the customer with their massive costume and accessory website, http://www.CostumePros.com.

Experts on planning and orchestrating parties, http://www.CostumePros.com carry everything to entertain—from over 700 costumes to decorations, make-up, accoutrements extraordinaire, lighting, masks, tableware, puppets, party favors, special effects, games and more items than can be named.

“We’re adding new costumes every week,” said Steve Green, Owner of http://www.CostumePros.com.

Future Technology Solutions Launches Xobaby.com Website

(PRWEB) December 22, 2001


Schaumburg, IL—December 20, 2001—Future Technology Solutions, Inc., an IT Solutions Provider, recently unveiled their new subsidiary Xobaby.com, a multifaceted website designed to help families announce the birth of their new baby. The site offers new and prospective parents a wealth of information, in addition to an online store that features quality post-birth gift items from makers such as Disney, Lladro®, Gund®, Coach and Precious Moments™.

Xobaby.com grew out of an interest in giving new and prospective parents a place to share the birth of their new baby with friends and family via the internet, utilizing xobaby.com’s free electronic birth announcement. The website invites new parents to choose from a series of packages starting with the basic “babies own website” at no charge, to larger packages including a variety of options and goods; the most expensive package being only $ 69.95.

Xobaby.com offers a place for parents to gather information, gain knowledge and make online purchases. This launch culminates many months of arduous research and development. Careful and ardent time went into choosing companies and products that would appeal to, and offer exceptional quality to the consumer. Many of the items available can be personalized, which makes them extra special.

As part of the “Grand Launch” Xobaby.com is giving away a complete Harry Potter set of eight characters by Gund®, one in December, and one in January, with a retail value of $ 250.00 per set. No purchase is necessary, however rules and regulations do apply to the contest as stated on the website.

Future Technology Solutions and Xobaby.com are looking forward to filling a special niche in the lives of busy new parents and family members. Visit the website to view everything available to help make the lives of busy new parents and families a little less hectic in this very busy world.

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Inside Google Books: Pottermore and Google team up to enable Harry

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
6:00 AM

(Cross-posted on the Google Commerce blog)

When JK Rowling’s new website Pottermore opens its doors this Fall, we’ll provide services to help fans make the most of their ebook purchasing experience.

Pottermore and Google are teaming up to integrate Pottermore with a number of Google products and APIs. So when the series of Harry Potter ebooks launches on Pottermore.com in early October, these bestsellers will be available in the U.S. via the open Google eBooks platform. When you buy a Harry Potter ebook from Pottermore, you will be able to choose to keep it in your Google Books library in-the-cloud, as well as on other e-reading platforms.

Google eBooks can be read on most devices with a modern browser, through the Google Books apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and on more than 80 ereaders.

Pottermore will be the exclusive place to buy Harry Potter ebooks and digital audiobooks. You’ll be able to buy ebooks from the Pottermore Shop, push them to your Google Books library and store them alongside your other Google eBooks. Your other Google eBooks may be purchased from any of more than 250 independent booksellers or from Google directly.

Also under this agreement, Google Checkout will be the preferred third party payment platform for all purchases made on Pottermore.com. When you visit the Pottermore Shop, you’ll be able to pay for your purchases using Google Checkout, in addition to using a debit or credit card.

The Pottermore team also plans to use YouTube for global video broadcasts in the future, as they did for JK Rowling’s announcement of Pottermore in June.

Stay tuned for more Pottermore and Google wizardry on the web this summer, leading up to when Pottermore opens.

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